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Prime Minister Finds Soap Opera's Turkish Delights In Bad Taste

The Magnificent Century, which explores the Ottoman Empire in all its 16th-century glory, is a big hit in Turkey. But the country's prime minister, an Islamist, is angry that the program focuses on palace intrigue involving the sultan and his harem.

Game, Set And Match: U.S. Tennis Tournaments Move Abroad

At its height, American tennis consistently fielded the world's top male players. Now that American dominance is gone, so too are many of the top U.S. men's tournaments. They're moving overseas, snapped up by groups offering more lucrative payouts in a sport enjoying huge global appeal.

U.N.: More Than 60,000 Syrians Killed During Civil War

In Syria, opposition activists report heavy fighting around a government-held airbase near the northern city of Aleppo. And in Damascus, a Syrian air force jet attacked a gas station in a rebel-held suburb, leaving dozens dead and wounded.

On Multiple Fronts, Russian Jews Reshape Israel

The former Soviet citizens who flooded into Israel two decades ago have changed the country's demographics, helped strengthen the economy and played a significant role in the general rightward shift of the Israeli electorate.

The Tony Soprano Of Karachi: Gangster Or Politician?

Gangsters in Karachi are a little different from the American variety. They often control armed groups linked to political parties. Uzair Baloch is known as the don of Karachi's Lyari slum. But ask him if he's a gangster, and he'll laugh. He says he's a politician and a social worker.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Indian police charge five men in a New Delhi gang rape. A U-S drone strike kills a key Pakistan Taliban commander. And the death toll rises in Syria’s conflict. David Ignatius of "The Washington Post," Indira Lakshmanan of Bloomberg News, and Jonathan Landay of Mcclatchy newspapers join guest host, Tom Gjelten, for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


More Than 60,000 Have Died In Syria, U.N. Estimates

Recently, it was estimated that about 45,000 people had been killed since anti-regime protests began in March 2011. Now, the U.N. says it has compiled a more accurate list of those who have died. It's likely the death toll is still underestimated, the U.N. concedes.

Docs Discover Drug-Spiked Eggplant Sent Beijing Diners To Hospital

Chinese officials say two people intentionally spiked a restaurant's eggplant stir-fries with a toxic dose of a blood pressure drug. The poisoning sent 80 diners to the hospital, where doctors figured out the cause. They all eventually recovered.