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During The Holidays, Greeks Discuss Country's Future

The scene is a family dinner party in Athens, where Greeks discuss the future of their country, the Germans and whether Greece should remain in the eurozone.

U.S.-Pakistan: A Year Of Worsening Ties

Key events in the recent rift between the U.S. and Pakistan.

Violent Explosions Rock Baghdad

A coordinated wave of bombings across Baghdad early Thursday left at least 60 dead and dozens more wounded. The violence came amid a worsening political crisis, with Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki seeking the arrest of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, the highest ranking Sunni in the government, over allegations he ran a death squad.

Pentagon: U.S., Pakistan Share Blame In Shooting

The Pentagon says that poor communication, faulty map information and a lack of trust all contributed to the Nov. 26 shooting that killed 24 Pakistani troops along the border with Afghanistan.

Team Ignites Debate Over China's Nuclear Tunnels

Using Google Earth, military blog posts and open-source documents, Georgetown University professor Phillip Karber and a team of students have uncovered new information about the tunnel complex China uses to hide and transport its nuclear missiles. The team's conclusions have stirred heated debate within the intelligence and arms control communities.