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Israel: Rocket Shield Is Deflecting Gaza Attacks

The Israelis and Palestinians are once again trading fire across the borders of the Gaza Strip. But Israel says there's something different this time: The Iron Dome defense system is blocking some 90 percent of the Palestinian rockets.

Afghan Prince Comments On Weekend Shootings

Host Audie Cornish speaks with Prince Ali Seraj about the weekend shootings by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. Seraj is head of the National Coalition for Dialogue with the Tribes of Afghanistan and a former Afghanistan presidential candidate.

Afghan Lawmakers Call For Soldier's Trial

There was outrage in the Afghan parliament on Monday over the murders of at least 16 civilians, apparently by a single U.S. soldier near the southern city of Kandahar.

For Russia's Troubled Space Program, Mishaps Mount

Russia was once the world leader in space exploration, but its space program has had a costly and embarrassing string of mission failures since December 2010, including the loss of a $163 million Mars probe. Critics say the program is ill-funded and mismanaged.

Rethinking, Not Just Rebuilding, Japan's Northeast

The northeast coast of Japan has an older population, fewer jobs and more tsunamis than the rest of the country. The regional economy had been declining long before last year's disaster. Many people say in order to survive, the region needs to remake itself.

Al-Qaida Leader Eyes Opportunities In Syria

Counterterrorism officials say al-Qaida's leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has much at stake in Syria. He has credibility in the region among jihadis because of his long battle against Egypt's government and if he can somehow take credit for the fall of Syria's president, it might rejuvenate al-Qaida. Officials say Zawahiri is already positioning himself with a video that calls on jihadis to travel to Syria.

Government Crackdown Leaves More Dead In Syria

Melissa Block speaks with Al Jazeera correspondent Anita McNaught about Syria's governmental crackdown on Idlib. She was there over the weekend, and is now in Antakya, Turkey, on the border with Syria.