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Wave Of Deadly Blasts Rocks Iraq's Capital

A series of blasts Thursday morning in Baghdad killed more than 60 people and injured dozens more in a seemingly coordinated attack designed to wreak havoc across the Iraqi capital. The blasts were the worst violence to hit the country in months.

Swept Away By '04 Tsunami, Indonesian Girl Reportedly Finds Way Home

Seven years ago, an estimated 230,000 people died after an earthquake triggered a massive tsunami that devastated South Asian coasts. Wednesday, one of those who was thought to be dead apparently found her way back.

U.S. Admits To Some Mistakes In Deadly Pakistan Raid

The U.S. has admitted that NATO forces made mistakes in an operation last month that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

USAID Helps To Improve Medical Care In Afghanistan

A new survey shows stunning progress in medical care in the war-torn country. Renee Montagne speaks with Alex Thier who oversees projects in Afghanistan for the U.S. Agency for International Development. They discuss the tremendous efforts that have been made to improve medical care in that country over the last decade.

North Korea Awaits Kim Jong Un's Opening Moves

The death of longtime leader Kim Jong Il puts his son and heir apparent in the spotlight, even as preparations for next week's state funeral are still under way. The younger Kim inherits a country in dire economic straits, and faces a tough fight to consolidate his political power and legitimacy.

Hundreds Killed In Bloody Month For Syrian Uprising

The fight between Syria's government and anti-government forces continues. Activists and groups that monitor the country say recently hundreds of people have been killed in the villages and towns near the Turkish border as the Syrian government mounts an offensive on anti-government forces.