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Life Of A Chinese Hacker: Work Is Awful, Pay Is Lousy, Boss Doesn't Understand

The Los Angeles Times looks at the blog posts written over a 4-year period by "Rocy Bird," who told tales of what it's like inside a People's Liberation Army hacking unit.

No Pope Yet: Black Smoke Rises After Morning Votes On Day 2 Of Conclave

Catholics around the world are watching the roof of the Vatican again to learn if their church has a new pope. If they see black smoke, that means the church's cardinals still haven't decided. White smoke and bells signal that a pope has been chosen.

Syrian Cyber-Rebel Wages War, One Hack At A Time

A 28-year-old computer wizard known as the Harvester, along with his online rebel friends, have hacked into a pro-regime TV station as part of their ongoing battle against the government's electronic army.

With Official Wink And Nod, Young Saudis Join Syria's Rebels

GlobalPost has learned that hundreds of young Saudis are flocking to Syria in a "holy war" against Syrian President Bashar Assad. They are taking up arms with the tacit approval of the Saudi government and financial support from wealthy Saudi elites.

In Secular Syria, Top Muslim Cleric Picks Sides In Civil War

President Bashar Assad's government has repeatedly blamed religious extremists for the uprising. Now, the most prominent Muslim cleric says it is the religious duty of Syrians to fight in support of the government.

5 Things About Popes And Their Names; Like, Why Do They Change Them?

One name has been "retired." Others have never been reused. John is the most popular. It's a tradition going back to the year 533 that a new pope chooses a name other than the one he was born with. He's likely sending a message about what type of leader he hopes to be.

Kenyans Select President, But Opponent Vows Fight

A candidate has finally been declared the winner in Kenya's presidential election. But the votes were close and the main opponent says he'll fight the results in court. Could the election become Kenya's version of the Bush-Gore battle from 2000?