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Senator Blumenthal Pushes President On Iran

The Associated Press reports that International Atomic Energy Agency officials are concerned that Iran may be trying to cover up evidence related to nuclear weapons. That could fuel the debate over U.S. options for addressing Iran. Host Michel Martin talks with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who is on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Syrian Rebels Regroup After Army Gains Upper Hand

What next for Syria's rebels? Now that Baba Amr has fallen, the Free Syrian Army is regrouping, planning to continue with its strategy to hold as many towns and neighborhoods as possible, and stretch government forces beyond capacity. As the rebels vow to keep fighting, it's the civilians who pay the price.

Creditors Face Deadline In Greek Bond Swap

The bond swap that will cut Greek debt by at least 50 percent is set to be the largest sovereign debt restructuring in history. Private creditors will take up to a 70 percent loss on their bonds, which is why some of them are balking at the offer. But because many of the creditors are also pension funds, the loss will also trickle down to Greek retirees.

Japanese Uneasy With State Of Nuclear Regulation

Japan has relied on nuclear power for nearly a third of its energy needs. Since the nuclear meltdown last year, only two of the country's 54 reactors are active. Steve Inskeep talks to Ken Cukier, of The Economist, about how businesses are faring since the nuclear crisis.