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Syrian Government Suspected Of Massacre

The U.N. Security Council strongly condemned the killing in central Syria of at least 90 people, dozens of them children. Syrian armed forces are suspected in the attack.

At Eurovision, A Dance Around Human Rights

As Eurovision 2012 captivated Europe this weekend, human rights in host country Azerbaijan also got the spotlight.

Is Latest Attack In Syria A Game Changer?

The United Nations has confirmed that at least 90 people were killed by tank shells and artillery fire in central Syria this weekend. While the UN did not outright say this was the work of the Syrian army, activists and residents say the military is the only institution that has such weapons. NPR's Kelly McEvers in Beirut tells host Rachel Martin the latest.

The State Of The Church

The Catholic Church has been in the public spotlight a lot this year. The issues of contraception and gay marriage have been part of the presidential campaign and church leaders have weighed in. There have also been new revelations in a case involving leaked Vatican documents, and it may actually be a case where the butler did it. Host Rachel Martin speaks with John Allen, a senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter.

After A Year In Afghanistan, Memories That Stick

All this year Weekend Edition is following the soldiers of the 182nd infantry regiment as these National Guardsmen transition from soldier to civilian in our Home Front series. To mark this Memorial Day weekend, we've asked them to share their most vivid memory of the year they spent at war.

Egypt's Elections Stamp The Arab Spring Timeline

Egypt held its first free election for a national leader this week. Though the official results are not yet in, the election is certainly a milestone in the democratic awakening known as the Arab Spring. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson in Egypt, Eleanor Beardsley in Tunisia and Kelly McEvers in Beirut.

At 'Eurovision 2012,' Politics Take The Stage

An estimated 125 million people are expected to tune in to Saturday night's final contest in Eurovision 2012. This year's song contest has provoked controversy over its host country, Azerbaijan, whose president is accused of human rights abuses. Vicki Barker has the story.

From Canada Down To Argentina, The Oil Flows

U.S. oil production has been on the rise, and that's been widely noted. But the same is true throughout the Americas, which are now home to four of the world's top nine producers.