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Along Syrian Border, Turks Torn By Divided Loyalties

Once part of Syria, southeastern Turkey's Hatay province is home to a sizable population of Alawites, who have ties to the minority sect across the border, including Syria's ruling Assad family. These complex relationships of history and family are now prompting rising sectarian tensions in Turkey.

Parsing The Potential For Diplomacy In Iran

In a recent New York Times op-ed, long-time diplomat Dennis Ross argued that since Iran is "reeling from sanctions, the proper environment now exists for diplomacy to work." But Wednesday, President Obama said "the window for solving this issue diplomatically is shrinking."

Peace, Without Talks, For Israel and Palestine

Robert Malley and Aaron David Miller believe the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was largely absent from public talks between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu because there's not much incentive to negotiate, but steps could be taken toward peace even without a breakthrough.

U.S., Pakistan At Impasse Over Afghan Supply Routes

It's been nearly four months since a deadly U.S. airstrike led Pakistan to close the main supply arteries for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The shutdown is forcing the U.S. to turn to costly, less-efficient alternatives.

Emails Reveal Syria's Assad Was Shopping, While Directing Bloody Crackdown

Amidst the biggest challenge to his rule and a bloody crackdown that's killed thousands, Bashar Assad's wife spent more than $15,000 on furniture from Paris.

NAACP Takes Case Against Voter ID Laws To UN

New state laws requiring voters to show identification before casting a ballot have been hotly debated during this election season. Now the civil rights group, the NAACP, is appealing to the United Nations Human Rights Council for support. Host Michel Martin talks with the group's Hillary Shelton.

ICC Convicts Rebel For Recruiting Child Soldiers

In its first verdict, the International Criminal Court convicted former Congolese rebel fighter Thomas Lubanga of recruiting and enlisting child soldiers. Children were forced to fight under his command, in a brutal civil war. Host Michel Martin talks with Shelly Whitman of the Child Soldiers Initiative about the case and its effect on the region.