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Case In Britain Echoes Dilemma At Guantanamo

A British immigration judge ruled Monday that a longtime terrorism suspect and detainee should be released on bail. But U.K. officials say Abu Qatada's release would put Britain's national security in peril. The case shows how much Britain is grappling with the issues that have bedeviled U.S. authorities seeking to shutter Guantanamo.

Afghans Worried About Early Exit Of French Troops

France's plan to withdraw from Afghanistan a year ahead of schedule is of particular concern in a small province near Kabul. Local authorities say the 3,900 French troops deployed there have held an important line against the Taliban, and that an early exit could plunge the area into crisis.

Labor Law Change May Offer Relief For Spain's Youth

In Spain, the jobless rate for 20-somethings is a staggering 50 percent. This week, the government is expected to announce plans to overhaul the country's two-tier labor system in an effort to help the so-called "ni ni" generation — Spanish for those neither in school, nor working.

Afghans Hedge Bets Amid Mixed Messages From U.S.

U.S. and Afghan officials have resumed talks on a deal that will determine how many American troops stay after the NATO mission ends. But until a deal is signed, it's hard for Afghans to know what's ahead, and the uncertainty may be helping the insurgents.

5 Reasons Why Israel Might Bomb Iran, Or Not

After years of talking about the threat posed by Iran's nuclear program, Israel says the time for action is drawing near. But not everyone shares Israel's assessment, and the United States and others still want to pursue other options to pressure Iran.

In Morocco, The Arab Spring's Mixed Bounty

On Feb. 20, 2011, Moroccans took to the streets in protest in a country considered one of the most stable in the region. King Mohammed VI acted quickly, offering constitutional reforms and early elections. But progress toward democracy has also revealed the limits of civil disobedience.