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Hezbollah Suspect May Face U.S. Military Commission

To date, U.S. military tribunals have been reserved for al-Qaida and Taliban suspects. But now the Obama administration is seeking to try a Lebanese man accused of orchestrating the killings of five American soldiers in Iraq.

U.S., Other 'Friends Of Syria,' To Call On Syria's Assad To Step Aside

The diplomatic pressure comes as forces loyal to President Bashar Assad continue to pound the city of Homs and surrounding areas.

How To Properly Dispose Of Sacred Texts

The burning of Qurans by the U.S. military in Afghanistan has led to days of rioting by Muslims who say it was a desecration of their holy book and an affront to Islam. Many faiths prescribe specific rituals for disposing of their sacred texts.

Portuguese Seeking Opportunities In Former Colonies

Like Greece, Portugal is sinking under the weight of debt, and unemployment is soaring. Unlike Greece, Portugal has former colonies rich in natural resources and in need of labor. Now, Portuguese workers are seeking visas to places such as Angola, a country rich with oil and diamonds.

With President Leaving, Yemen Steps Into A New Era

The longtime president will hand over power to his vice president on Monday. Now, the real work begins. How will transitional justice work if the outgoing president is immune from prosecution? Will the U.S. take a new approach in a new Yemen?

Former Somali General Admits Liability For War Crimes

Mohamed Ali Samantar became the first to be held accountable for the atrocities of the brutal Siad Barre regime in the late 1980s.

U.S. Apology Over Qurans Fails To Stop Afghan Riots

Two U.S. troops were shot dead by an Afghan soldier in a day of riots and protests across the country over Qurans that were burned. U.S. forces and Afghan authorities are braced for more trouble following Friday prayers at mosques nationwide.

Syrian Forces Tightening Grip On Parts Of Homs

The Syrian army has reportedly cut off all escape routes from the rebel-held neighborhood of Baba Amr in Homs. Syrian tanks were seen moving closer to Baba Amr on Thursday, as efforts continued to negotiate a cease-fire to evacuate the wounded, including two Western journalists.

Conference To Consider New Ideas For Somalia

Representatives from more than 40 governments gathered in London on Thursday to devise a new international approach to Somalia. The Horn of Africa nation has slid into poverty, hunger, anarchy and terrorism in the two decades since the overthrow of President Siad Barre. The gathering will talk about how they can step up efforts to tackle the root causes of the problem.