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Sanctions' Squeeze On Iran Tightens

The squeeze on the Iranian economy due to international sanctions is turning into a stranglehold. The latest sign of Iran's economic trouble is a new drop in the country's oil output. And last week brought a new punishment: Iranian banks were barred from participating in a key international clearinghouse. Iran will have a harder time importing food, apparel, electronics and other foreign goods, which could heighten consumer discontent. U.S. officials hope that Iranian government anxiety about its popular support will prompt a rethinking of its nuclear program.

Greek Bailout Fuels Rise Of Extreme Politics

There has been a rise in popularity in Greece of extreme leftist and ultra-right parties who are strongly opposed to the painful austerity measures that have been imposed as part of the international bailout.

Years Later, He Brought Her Passport Back

When 85-year-old Betty Werther was young, she traveled the world. Sixty years later, she got a call. It was a fellow Berkeley alum, and he had found something that belonged to her. What he brought, however, was more than a souvenir.

Domesticated Foxes: Man's New Best Friend?

What if foxes could be trained and domesticated, much the way dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago? A nearly 50-year experiment in Russia is aiming at just that.

Will Kandahar Massacre Be A Policy Tipping Point?

The massacre in Kandahar province was the latest in a string of bad news out of Afghanistan, which may have shifted the dynamic between the Afghan people and the American-led army that has been occupying the country for a decade. NPR's Quil Lawrence reports on President Hamid Karzai's demand that U.S. troops leave Afghanistan's villages and withdraw to larger bases around the country.

After Spain's Construction Bust, Gardens Bloom

The financial crash in Spain left many empty lots that were supposed to be building sites. Some Spaniards have begun growing vegetables in places where condos were never built.

For Suspect In Afghan Attack, A Praised Record

There is still only sketchy information available about Staff Sgt. Robert Bales' recent experience in Afghanistan, but five years ago in Iraq, he was considered an excellent and upbeat soldier. Bales is suspected of killing 16 unarmed Afghan civilians.

WikiLeaks Founder Assange To Run For Australian Senate

The Australian is angry that his government hasn't supported him over the WikiLeaks release of hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. government files.