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Austerity, Euro Troubles Hit Britain's Economy

Renee Montagne talks to Zanny Minton Beddoes, of The Economist magazine, about the economy in the United Kingdom, and the debate over whether austerity measures are working.

Copts In Egypt Select New Pope

A new pope of Egypt's Coptic Christian community has been selected Sunday. It's a major event for the Copts, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt's population of 80 million.

U.S. Handoff In Afghanistan Includes Radio Training

The U.S. military has long conducted anti-insurgent information campaigns in Afghanistan. But as the U.S. prepares to withdraw combat troops, it's now mentoring the Afghan Army in how to get out its message, particularly through local radio. But it's difficult to tell how it is being received.

Can China's Legal System Change?

Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese lawyer, made international headlines when he escaped house arrest back in April. Now at New York University studying law, he remains a fierce critic of the Chinese legal system, but believes it can be changed.

Putin, Russia's Man Of Action, Is Slowed By Injury

Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen wincing shortly after piloting a hang glider on national TV. The Kremlin is downplaying reports that he's suffering from back pain. The 60-year-old leader has cultivated a macho image by riding a horse bare-chested in Siberia and diving to an archaeological site in the Black Sea.