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Direct Talks With Iran? Biden Says It's Possible

The vice president says if Iranian leaders are serious and have an agenda for discussion, the U.S. is open to direct negotiations on Iran's nuclear program.

Powerful Quake Rocks Northern Japan; No Reported Damage

The U.S. Geological Survey reports the tremor's magnitude was 6.9 and was centered very deep in the earth.

'Vive Francois Hollande!' France's President Visits Mali

Francois Hollande visits the northern city of Timbuktu six days after French and Malian troops liberate it; he says France is prepared to hand over command of the battle against Islamists in Mali to an African-led military force.

Dodging Clashes, Cairo's Deliverymen Take Big Risks

In Cairo you can get just about anything delivered at almost any hour of the night. Have the flu? You can order vitamin C and meds from the pharmacy at 2 a.m. One deliveryman has been dodging tear gas and clashes to get Lebanese takeout to people's doors.

Taliban Militants Attack Pakistani Army Base

Armed with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons, militants attacked an army camp in Northwestern Pakistan early Saturday.

Where's The Beef? Burger King Finds Horsemeat In Its U.K. Patties

The fast food giant said this week that some of its burgers in Britain and Ireland were found to contain horsemeat. That's prompted a Twitter campaign and threats of a boycott.