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Politician 'Borrows' From Aaron Sorkin Movie

The transport minister in Australia denounced a political opponent. He said the opponent wasn't interested in fixing a problem, only in making people "afraid of it" and telling them "who's to blame for it." Critics note Michael Douglas used that line in Aaron Sorkin's movie The American President.

Authorities Bar 6 Americans From Leaving Egypt

Egyptian authorities are preventing six Americans, including the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, from leaving the country. They work for non-governmental agencies that were raided by Egyptian security forces last month.

In Morocco, Unemployment Can Be A Full-Time Job

Jobless college graduates regularly march through the streets at appointed times, wearing color-coded vests. It's all part of an effort to secure a government job. But critics say that creating more government workers is not a solution to Morocco's economic woes.

State-Of-The-Art Hospital Offers Hope For Haiti

A teaching hospital under construction in Haiti will bring cutting-edge technology to a health system with few resources. The project, which will be the country's largest hospital, is being built for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere and may be a model for international aid.

Reading The Tea Leaves: Cuba's Communists Convene

This weekend, Cuba's all-powerful Communist Party will meet for the first time since April 2011. Observers will be watching for signs of who may be rising in the party ranks and for clues about who could take over after Fidel Castro, 85, and the nation's current president, Raul Castro, 80, are gone.