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'Who Rules In Honduras?' Coup's Legacy Of Violence

The country is a major stop for drug traffickers and corruption is rampant. Many experts say things got markedly worse after democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the military in 2009.

What Greek Austerity Looks Like

Photojournalist Eirini Vourloumis moved back to her hometown of Athens, Greece, to cover the economic crisis. She found her country unrecognizable.

A Year After Mubarak, Where Does Egypt Stand?

Egypt has faced deteriorating security and a surge in crime since the popular uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak a year ago. The country's military rulers have yet to transfer power to civilian rule, and though many are proud of the revolution, some argue Egypt is not much better off than it was under Mubarak.

Euro-Courts Blasted Over Al-Qaida Suspect's Release

Britons are in an uproar over a judge's decision to release a Muslim preacher suspected of al-Qaida links. The British government wanted to deport him to Jordan, where he's been convicted on terrorism charges, but European courts won't allow that because the convictions were based on evidence obtained by torture. NPR's Phil Reeves tells host Scott Simon that the case has stirred up resentment.

Museum Dedicated To All Of French Artist's Talents

France has opened a new museum honoring one of the most multi-talented, controversial and too-often-forgotten artists of the last century: Jean Cocteau. He was a poet, playwright, sculptor, painter and filmmaker. Frank Browning reports that it's all on view on the Cote d'Azur.

Medical Care Reportedly Under Attack In Syria

As the violence continues in Syria, International aid agencies say that medical facilities have become a target for government forces. In many cases, doctors on the ground are being forced to treat patients in their own homes, and reaching the wounded has become extremely difficult. Host Scott Simon speaks with Dr. Greg Elder from Doctors Without Borders, who's running that agency's efforts in Syria.

Rising Violence Claims A General In Syria's Capital

Syria's state-run news agency says a high-ranking military officer has been assassinated. NPR's Kelly McEvers reports the attack comes as violence in Syria is quickly escalating.

A Year After Mubarak Fell, What Has Egypt Achieved?

Saturday marks the first anniversary of the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Last February, millions of jubilant Egyptians poured out onto the streets across the Arab country. That mood has given way to widespread frustration. Host Scott Simon talks to NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson about the state in Egypt.

Sports Journalism Is The Goooaal At Argentine School

Argentina is mad for sports — and soccer in particular. There are plenty of opportunities for sportswriters and broadcasters, spawning an education industry that specializes in sports journalism.