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International Perspectives On The Election

U.S. presidential elections garner almost as much media coverage in foreign countries as they do here. We get perspectives from journalists around the world.


All Aboard South Africa's High-Speed Train

South Africa's Gautrain — the continent's first rapid rail system — links Pretoria and Johannesburg. It provides a swift, comfortable and safe ride for up to 40,000 passengers a day — in a country with notoriously nightmarish public transit.

Drug-Resistant Malaria On The Rise In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has been a hot spot for drug-resistant malaria in the past. Now researchers in Thailand worry that a superstrain resistant to the last, best malaria treatments could undermine progress made against the mosquito-borne disease.

Voting In Your Swim Trunks: Why Not?

There are many diverse ways to vote around the world; see a gallery of just a few.

In Syria's Biggest City, A Deadly Stalemate

It's been more than three months since rebels in Syria launched an offensive to take the northern city of Aleppo. In the early days of the offensive, the rebels took about half the city. But since then, neither the rebels nor government forces have managed to gain the upper hand.
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Egypt’s Emerging Democracy

In the face of public pressure, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is apparently backing away from an attempt to dramatically expand his power. Diane and her guests discuss Egypt’s fragile democracy and its new role on the world stage.


U.S. Presses Fractured Syrian Opposition To Unite

The Syrian opposition movement suffers from deep divisions and has been weighted toward those in exile rather than those battling inside Syria. At talks in Qatar this week, the U.S. is pushing for the creation of a new opposition group.