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With Sarkozy Out, Anti-Austerity Gains Ground

A Francois Hollande presidency in France might turn Europe away from the German-led austerity approach to debt that has been focused tightly on cutting debt. Hollande has pledged to pursue a pro-growth strategy which has struck a chord with jobless voters.

French Presidential Election Draws Record Turnout

Melissa Block and Audie Cornish compare the high voter turnout in France on Sunday to the Greek, German and American voter turnout.

Israel Plans September Vote That Favors Netanyahu

Israel's prime minister has called for parliamentary elections more than a year ahead of Israel's next scheduled vote. Netanyahu and his Likud party are running strong in the polls, but issues such as Iran, the Israeli economy and the role of the ultra-Orthodox will factor into the campaign.

Germany Faces Backlash Against Austerity Moves

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has led the push for austerity in Europe. But she is looking increasingly isolated after European elections that brought anti-austerity parties to power.