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Germany Faces Backlash Against Austerity Moves

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has led the push for austerity in Europe. But she is looking increasingly isolated after European elections that brought anti-austerity parties to power.

For A Third Time, Putin Returns As Russia's President

Vladimir Putin was sworn in Monday for a six-year term as president of Russia. In his inauguration speech, Putin said he was committed to democracy. But anti-Putin activists are not convinced and staged protests on the streets of Moscow.

Four Possible Post-Election Moves For Greece, France

After a weekend election that created even more potential uncertainty for both countries, observers weigh in on what could happen next.

Greek, French Voters Hope For Fresh Start

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and a number of Greek incumbents in parliament became the latest victims of growing frustration among voters across Europe over the ongoing debt crisis and widespread austerity measures. President-elect Francois Hollande has promised France a "fresh start."