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More Than 100 Dead In China Poultry Plant Blaze

A state-run newspaper reports that all but one of the doors at the processing plant in northeast Jilin province was locked when flames broke out. The fire is one of the country's deadliest industrial accidents in recent years.

Sons, Who Belonged To Hezbollah, Died 'Heroically' In Syria

The family is proud that Ridwan and Ali Qassem al Attar died as martyrs. But unlike other Hezbollah fighters who died in the battle against Israel, these men died fighting other Arabs in Syria. The family says extreme Sunnis are worse than Israelis.

Violent Protests Persist In Turkish Cities

It was another night of violent protests in Turkey. Police clashed with tens of thousands of protesters in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities, capping a weekend of unrest that has seen more than 1,000 people injured. The violence prompted the White House to issue a statement Sunday calling on Turkey's security forces to "exercise restraint."

Fight For Homs Fades From Headlines As War In Syria Rages

The civil war in Syria is expected to become the focus of peace negotiations in the coming weeks. The city of Homs became famous early in the conflict. While not as many reports are being filed from there, the fighting between rebels and government troops continues.

Sushi Chef Was Confidant To North Korea's Kim Jong Il

Little is known about the men who have led North Korea. But one person with great insights into Kim Jong Il and his successor Kim Jong Un is a Japanese sushi chef. He provided Kim Jong Il both sushi and loyalty for many years. Renee Montagne talks to novelist Adam Johnson about his encounter with the chef, which he writes about in the latest issue of GQ magazine.

For Young Somali Journalists, Work Often Turns Deadly

Journalism can be a dangerous profession in any war-torn country. And in Somalia, the youth and inexperience of many reporters can make it even more so. A dozen Somali reporters were gunned down last year, including four at a single organization, Shabelle Media.

Egypt Court Says Upper House Of Parliament Elected Illegally

Still, the court is allowing it to stay in place until a new election is held. The ruling raises the possibility that any legislation passed by the body is also illegal.

Greece Has A PR Problem. Can It Be Fixed?

Greeks are growing weary of the nonstop international criticism the country has faced during its economic crisis. Some grassroots groups are trying to rebuild the country's tattered image.