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Egypt's State TV At A Crossroads After Mubarak

Change is in the air at Egypt's state-run television. It is no longer the mouthpiece of a dictator, but there's a fight for leadership and editorial direction.

Syria Apologizes For Turkey Strike That Leaves 5 Dead

Tensions remain high along the Turkish-Syrian border, a day after an exchange of artillery fire that left five Turkish civilians dead. The Turkish parliament has authorized cross-border operations if there are any further provocations from the Syrian side. Damascus is appealing for restraint and says it is investigating Wednesday's mortar attack on Turkey. Peter Kenyon talks to Audie Cornish.

Go To Jail For A Retweet? Filipino Lawmaker Tries To Ease Concern

Critics say a new "cybercrime prevention act" puts Filipinos at risk if they merely "like" or retweet libelous statements. But an author of the law says prosecutors would have to prove there was a conspiracy to spread such messages.

The Cost Of Saving Lives With Local Peanuts In Haiti

Fortified peanut paste saves lives in Haiti and other places where malnutrition is a problem, but producing it locally costs more than importing it from faraway factories in Europe because of labor and other costs. Still, feeding programs are willing to pay a little more, for now.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Turkey retaliates against Syria for shelling a border town. Thousands of Iranians protest plummeting currency. And Europe's central bank keeps interest rates steady. Diane and a panel of journalists discuss the week’s top stories, what happened and why.


Turkey, Syria Exchange Fire For A 2nd Day

A Syrian shell killed five people in a Turkish village Wednesday, and Turkey responded with an artillery attack. Turkey also asked NATO and the U.N. for support. To put these events into context, Renee Montagne talks to Hugh Pope, a Turkey expert with the International Crisis Group.

Faltering Economy Threatens Pakistan's Stability

Adding to recent political unrest in Pakistan, poverty is rife and unemployment is growing as the population skyrockets. Analysts worry about the growing frustration, and that the jobless are an increasingly easy target for the Taliban.

The Peanut Butter Cure Moves From Hospital To Snack Room

For over a decade, peanut butter paste supplements like Plumpy'Nut have saved children around the world from malnutrition. Now health officials want to use the packets not just to save starving kids, but to keep them healthy in the first place. But will it work?