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Businessman Chosen As Hong Kong's Next Leader

A selection committee in Hong Kong has chosen a former Cabinet chief as the southern Chinese financial hubs next leader. The voters were handpicked by Beijing. Leung Chun-ying's term will start in July.

Some Cuban-Americans Wary As Cuba Welcomes Pope

When Pope Benedict arrives in Cuba on Monday, he'll be greeted by Cuban-Americans who have made the pilgrimage from Miami and other U.S. cities. Still, there are concerns that Cuba's Catholic Church isn't doing enough to reach out to political dissidents.

Along Korea's DMZ, No Sign That Tensions Are Easing

President Obama is visiting South Korea for a nuclear security summit just three months after new leader has come to power in North Korea. All parties are looking to see if the atmosphere is changing, but for now, tensions are still running high along the armistice line.

Obama In South Korea For Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama is in South Korea Sunday to take part in a multilateral conference aimed at curbing nuclear proliferation. He arrives in South Korea at a time of considerable tension. North Korea is threatening to carry out a long-range rocket launch in April, an action the U.S. has warned it should not take.

Pope To Give Mass In Mexico

Pope Benedict XVI gives an open-air Mass in Mexico Sunday and, on his way there, will bless the Christ the King monument, an important symbol of Mexican Catholicism.

In Contentious System, Hope For A Russian Orphan

Artyom Savelyev's adoptive mother in Tennessee put him on a plane two years ago and sent him back to his homeland, unaccompanied. Now, he's living with a foster mother near Moscow. The 9-year-old's journey highlights the challenges both within Russia and between Russia and the U.S. over how to care for orphans.