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Aid Worker Leaves Haiti With A Sour Taste

Aid work is often seen as tough, but rewarding. In a recent blog post, Quinn Zimmerman offered a more nuanced take on his work in Haiti. He wrote about his frustrations with locals, fellow aid workers, and himself, for expecting something more than the reality on the ground could deliver.

And Now For The Weather, Let's Go To Prince Charles

In Scotland, viewers of a nightly BBC news program got a surprise when Prince Charles stood in front of a weather map to tell them about all the rain and cold they'd soon experience. "We're under the influence of low pressure," he said.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande was elected president of France; the CIA said a Saudi double-agent was used to disrupt an al-Qaida bomb plot that would have targeted a U.S.-bound airliner; and two suicide car bombers killed 55 people and wounded 372 in Damascus, Syria, casting doubt on the U.N. mission there. David Sanger of The New York Times, Susan Glasser of Foreign Policy magazine and Matt Frei of the U.K's Channel 4 News join Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


Chinese Activist Tells Of 'Crazy Retaliation' Against His Family

Legal activist Chen Guangcheng says members of his family are being targeted by local authorities in his home province.

Putin Cancels Visit To U.S., Meeting With Obama

Kremlin cites need to put finishing touches on newly re-installed Vladimir Putin's Cabinet.

Syrian Bomb Blasts Kill At Least 50

Local television has blamed the twin attacks - the largest since an uprising began - on terrorists. The deadly assault could further jeopardize a shaky cease-fire.

Jihadist Group Complicates Picture In Syria

Jihadists might have the same goal as the protesters and rebels in Syria — overthrowing the regime — but not the same plan for what would happen afterward, or the same ideology. Now a relatively new group, Jabhat al-Nusra Li-Ahl al-Sham, or Front to Protect the Syrian People, has entered the fray.