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Doctoring Amid Typhoon Haiyan's Ruins

Homes and businesses in the Philippines weren't the only buildings destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan last week. Hospitals in the city of Tacloban also took a direct hit. Doctors are doing what they can in their shattered buildings to aid the thousands of typhoon victims.

African Migrants Find An Uneasy Asylum In Israel

To combat an influx of undocumented economic migrants, Israel has built a 150-mile fence across its southern border, cutting the rate of illegal entry dramatically. However, there are tens of thousands of 'infiltrators' already in the country, and the government wants to separate them from the rest of Israel.

Animated Film On The 'Kamikaze Plane' Hits A Nerve In Asia

The latest film from Oscar-winning Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki tells the story the engineer who designed the Mitsubishi Zero, the fighter plane used in attacks on Pearl Harbor. The Wind Rises is drawing sharp criticism from around Asia, where the wounds of World War II have yet to heal.

China's Going To Get Old Before It Gets Rich

The people running the most populous nation on earth just made it easier for their citizens to have more children. Why this was, as much as anything, an economic decision.

More Changes For China After Leadership Conference

China's leadership said Friday that it will close forced labor camps and relax its one-child policy. The announcement followed a special four-day meeting of leaders, which resulted in a number of economic and social reforms. Both the "re-education through labor" camps and the population control measures are widely unpopular with the Chinese public; the leadership also announced changes intended to encourage greater urbanization in China, as the country tries to build a consumer-led economy.

U.S. Ramps Up Aid As Naval Carrier Arrives In Philippines

Although the death toll from the typhoon disaster in the Philippines is still uncertain, it is known that hundreds of thousands of people are homeless, lacking food, water and even basic shelter. Just over a week after Typhoon Haiyan struck, the U.S. aid effort has now kicked into higher gear with the arrival off of the carrier USS George Washington and its support ships off the coast of the worst hit area, the island of Leyte.

Who Will Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons? Not Albania

The United Nations has outlined a detailed plan for disposing of the deadly agents outside Syria, but so far there are no takers for the task.

Google's India Strategy: One Teardrop At A Time?

An ad for Google's search engine in India unites two friends separated by Partition in 1947. The ad has warmed the cockles of subcontinental hearts, leading to an outpouring of goodwill on social media and newspaper websites.
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Bringing Peace To The Democratic Republic Of Congo

After two years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the largest group of insurgents, M23, laid down their arms, offering a surprising ray of hope in the region.


2 Summer Olympic Cities Are Chasing The 2022 Winter Games

Beijing and Stockholm, Sweden, are vying to become the first city to have hosted both summer and winter Olympics. They're among six cities that submitted bids by Thursday's deadline.