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In Iran's Election, Not All Candidates Are Welcome

There's a battle taking place between various conservative factions in Iran as the country prepares for parliamentary elections on Friday. The candidates seeking broad changes have been barred from running, with many in jail or under house arrest.

As Election Nears, Russians Express Frustrations

Vladimir Putin has been the most powerful figure in Russia for 12 years and is expected to win the presidential election Sunday. But heading into the polls, many Russians are angry with what they see as recent electoral fraud and rampant corruption.

Putin Biography Chronicles Rise Of A 'Street Thug'

Media suppression, corruption and murder have marked the regime of Vladimir Putin, who is running for his third term as president in Russia's election next week. His rise to power is spelled out in journalist Masha Gessen's new book, The Man Without a Face.

Americans Detained In Egypt Now Allowed To Leave

American democracy workers are headed home from Egypt, where they had been under a travel ban.

Race For Hong Kong's Next Leader Heats Up

Later this month, an election will be held to select Hong Kong's next chief executive. The race has been tarnished with accusations of extramarital affairs and conflicts of interest. As the local press put it: Beijing has lost control of the puppet strings.