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Foreign Policy Talk On Campaign Trail Mostly Hot Air

Robert Siegel talks with Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs, for a broad-ranging conversation about what President Obama's foreign policy priorities are likely to be going into his second term.

Mali In Danger Of Turning Into Terrorist Safe Haven

The U.S. and France are trying to figure out a way to make sure Northern Mali, which has been overrun by Islamists, doesn't turn into another Somalia or Yemen. But experts say there are no easy answers. Armed drones or special forces may not be enough. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Algeria last week to try to persuade its leaders to use their influence and military might to help rid Northern Mali of al-Qaida in the Maghreb.

In China, A Transition Of Power Begins

The handover, only the second orderly transition of power in China under communist rule, began Thursday. Party leaders kicked off a weeklong congress that will end with President Hu Jintao handing power to Xi Jinping. NPR's Shanghai correspondent Frank Langfitt talks about China's new leaders.

Highly Scripted, China Moves Toward New Leaders

China began its once-a-decade leadership transition as the 18th Communist Party Congress opened Thursday. The message focused on cleaning up government corruption, which President Hu Jintao said could be "fatal" to the party and the state.
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Friday News Roundup - International

The world reacts to President Barack Obama’s reelection. China launches a once-a-decade shift of power. And Russian President Vladimir Putin fires his defense minister. Diane and a panel of journalists discuss the week’s top international stories, what happened and why.


Syrian Opposition Tries To Reinvigorate Mission

Efforts to revamp Syria's fractured opposition reached a peak at a conference in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar. The U.S. has led what some have termed an overly public diplomatic campaign to restructure the opposition in exile and tighten its links with rebel commanders on the ground in Syria.

Greeks In Store For More Austerity Cuts

The Greek Parliament has approved a sweeping set of austerity measures that were aimed at keeping the country in the eurozone. Members voted on $17 billion in cuts to salaries, pensions, public sector jobs and health care spending.