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With Syria Embassy Shut, What's Next For The U.S.?

The defeat of a peace plan at the U.N. and the closure of the American Embassy in Damascus represent the latest blows to attempts to use diplomacy to end the violence in Syria.

U.S. Aid At Risk As Egypt Targets Democracy Groups

Egypt plans to prosecute 43 people, including 19 Americans, who have been promoting democracy in Egypt. The case has caused a furious reaction in Washington — with lawmakers threatening to hold up U.S. financial assistance to Egypt.

U.S. Travel To Cuba Grows As Restrictions Are Eased

The Obama administration has relaxed travel restrictions to Cuba, reinstating Bill Clinton's policy of allowing people-to-people travel. But that's drawing criticism from some Republican lawmakers in the U.S., who say the tourist packages come with a heavy dose of Cuban propaganda.

Where Eye Care Is A Luxury, Technology Offers Access

Entrepreneurs and researchers are looking for ways to bring the cost of eye care down in the developing world. One group is working on technology that turns a smartphone into an eye exam machine, while another has developed glasses with liquid lenses that change prescriptions with the help of a pump.

U.S. And U.K. Withdraw Diplomats From Syria

Syrian government forces continued the bombardment of the central city of Homs for the third straight day on Monday. Anti-government activists say over 200 people have been killed in the city since Saturday. As the violence escalated around the country, the U.S. shut down its embassy in Damascus, and the U.K. withdrew its ambassador from the Syrian capital.