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New U.S. President Will Face Old Issues In Pakistan

Pakistan and the U.S. are supposed to be allies, but during President Obama's term in office, relations between the two countries hit rock bottom. Whoever wins the presidential race in November will face many of the same issues that have plagued the two nations for years. But some analysts are saying now is the time for some fresh thinking.

China Leader's Absence Could Spell Political Trouble

Rumors still swirling over the absence of China's presumptive leader-in-waiting are being met by official stonewalling. All this comes in the run-up to a crucial Communist Party meeting, where the party's new leader will be named. Now fears are mounting this could get off-track.

Inciting Outrage, Film Spurs Delicate U.S. Response

The State Department is mourning those killed in the violence in Libya, while trying to calm the storm the anti-Islamic video has caused — add to that, standing by free-speech principles and facing an ever-skeptical audience in the Arab world.

Libyan Guards May Have Faltered At U.S. Consulate

After the U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya, questions are being raised about the security at the consulate and whether there should have been a more robust force to protect Americans there.

More Protests Follow Attack On U.S. Consulate

Melissa Block speaks with Hadeel Al-Shalchi, Reuters' Libya Correspondent, about the scene on the ground in Benghazi after the attack this week that killed four U.S. diplomats.

Protests Against Anti-Islam Video Spread To Yemen

Audie Cornish speaks with Iona Craig, who is covering Yemen for The Times of London and USA Today. Craig describes the scene when protesters breached the security wall of the American Embassy in Yemen's capital. None of the protestors she spoke with actually saw the anti-Islam movie they cite as the instigating the protests.