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Charles Taylor Faces Verdict From Brutal African War

The first verdict in decades for a head of state charged with international war crimes is set to be delivered Thursday. Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, is charged with fueling a vicious civil war in Sierra Leone, where it was a widespread practice to hack off the limbs of civilians.

Anders Breivik Awaits Sentence In Norway

Anders Breivik testified that he was sane during his shooting and bombing spree, but argues that he did not commit a crime. He hoped they would force Norway to change its policy on immigration. Peter Talos, a reporter for the Norwegian News Agency, talks about what this case has meant for Norway.

Sudan And South Sudan On The Brink Of War

The two African countries have been clashing over a contested border region and oil, among other issues. Sudan has reportedly launched a series of aerial bombardments, in what South Sudan's president is calling an act of war. Host Michel Martin discusses the intensifying situation with Hannah McNeish, who's been covering the story for the AFP.

He's 'Never Asked A Prime Minister For Anything,' Rupert Murdoch Says

An inquiry continues into the ethics of the British news media, and in particular the actions of some tabloids owned by Murdoch's News Corp.