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Israel Suspects Extremists In Bulgaria Attack

In Bulgaria Wednesday, seven people were killed in a suspected suicide bombing in the seaside resort of Burgos. Five of the victims were Israelis. Israel is calling it a terrorist attack, and says it suspects Iran or Muslim extremists.

As Fighting Rages In Damascus, Survival Of Assad's Regime Is In Doubt

"There is a crisis in the heart of the regime" after the deaths of three insiders and as clashes near the presidential palace, Washington Post correspondent Liz Sly tells Morning Edition.

U.S. Resident Caught Up In Sudan's Protest Movement

While his pregnant wife is home in Oregon, Rudwan Dawod, who has U.S. residency, faces terrorism charges in Sudan after participating in anti-government demonstrations there. He was visiting family in the capital, Khartoum, en route to starting a volunteer project in recently independent South Sudan.

Families Sue Over U.S. Deaths In Yemen Drone Strikes

Civil rights groups and the families of three Americans killed in drone strikes in Yemen filed a lawsuit against top Obama administration officials Wednesday. The suit claims U.S. authorities executed their sons without charge or trial — outside the law and the Constitution.

The Cost Of Women's Rights In Northwest Pakistan

Earlier this month, a young woman who ran a women's rights group was shot and killed near Peshawar. She'd been warned several times about her work. Her death isn't the first of its kind in northwest Pakistan. Still, despite the dangers, such work continues.

Fighting Rages In Syrian Capital Damascus

The opposition in Syria delivered a powerful blow to President Bashar Assad's regime Wednesday. A bomb attack killed the country's top security officials. Renee Montagne talks to Liz Sly of The Washington Post about the ongoing clashes.