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Netanyahu Meetings At White House Focused On Iran

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Monday at the White House to discuss escalating tensions over Iran's nuclear program. Robert Siegel talks with Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic and columnist for Bloomberg View.

Obama Says U.S. Will Stand With Israel Against Iran

President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on Monday, amid ongoing tensions over what to do about Iran's suspect nuclear program.

Neighs Have It: Horse Tale Ensnares British Leader

British satirists are having a field day with the latest scandal involving ties between the police and media. In 2008, Scotland Yard loaned a horse to Rebekah Brooks, a newspaper editor then working for Rupert Murdoch. The retired horse wasn't supposed to be ridden, but it was — by Brooks and by David Cameron, who would become Britain's prime minister.

Women's Rights In The Age Of The Arab Spring

Popular movements during the Arab Spring paved the way for democratic elections in Egypt and Tunisia. In Egypt, Islamists are assuming powerful roles. Many women's rights activists fear that a shift toward democratically-elected Islamist rulers will limit personal and political freedom for women.

Yemen: More Killing; Reporters Look Back At Uprising, Ahead To Uncertainty

Al-Qaida fighers killed dozens of soldiers today. Meanwhile, freelance journalists who have covered the turmoil in Yemen say they want to stay to see how the story turns out.

Monday Political Grab Bag: Obama Warns That War Talk Helps Iran

In Monday's March 5, 2012 political grab bag, President Obama warned U.S. and Israeli politicians that bellicose talk towards Iran only helped that rogue nation by increasing oil prices. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum appeared tied in Ohio heading into Super Tuesday. Rush Limbaugh's "apology" did little to stem still the outrage over his "slut" remark.

Saint's Heart Stolen From Dublin Cathedral

In Ireland, someone broke into Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. They cut an iron cage and stole the church's most precious relic. It's the preserved heart of St. Laurence O'Toole, Dublin's archbishop from 1162 to 1180. The dean of the cathedral says he's devastated.