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The World Watches Syria: What Will It Do?

As the violence in Syria continues, the international community has been unable to do much more than condemn it. Host Scott Simon talks with Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy about the mounting debate over intervention and the new humanitarian access to the country.

With Elections, A Look At U.S.-Russian Relations

Three years ago this month, President Obama said he hoped to promote more cooperation between the U.S. and Russia. It would be hard to see how that may happen as Vladimir Putin approaches power once again. Host Scott Simon speaks with the U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, about Sunday's elections in Russia.

Beyond Electoral Fraud: Russians Protest Corruption

Despite his likely victory in Sunday's presidential election, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is certain to face growing anger from an educated, urban middle-class that's been demonstrating on the streets of Moscow. Residents first came out to protest alleged vote rigging, but many see electoral fraud as part of a wider problem, abuse of power.

Uncertainty Shadows The EU's New Calm

A new fiscal treaty has alleviated the air of crisis in the European Union, but with unemployment at a 10-year high and austerity measures intensifying the economic slowdown, leaders aren't quite sure how to reconcile the need to stimulate growth with the discipline required by the new pact.

U.S. To Israel: Iran Is Feeling Heat From Sanctions

When they meet Monday, President Obama is expected to urge Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to delay any possible military action against Iran. Obama is likely to argue that the latest economic sanctions against Iran are having an impact.

Mexican Drug Cartel Targets Australia

One of Mexico's most powerful criminal organizations has added a new market to its empire: Australia. The Sinaloa cartel is developing a booming cocaine trade in a country with an endless coastline and many harbors and ports.