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Gold Mail Boxes Honor Britain's Gold Medalists

Britain's Royal Mail has been honoring gold medalists by painting some of the iconic red post boxes gold. But after one town was left out, a local man took matters into his own hands.

Women In Russian Punk Band Sentenced To Two Years For 'Hooliganism'

They were accused of religious hatred for an anti-Putin protest they staged in a cathedral. The case has attracted attention around the world as people come to the young women's defense.

South African Police Accused Of Massacring Miners

South African Police officers killed more than 30 striking workers during a confrontation at a mine owned by Lonmin PLC Thursday. The shooting has been called one of the worst in the country since the end of the apartheid era.

United Nation's Role In Syria To Change

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is expected to tap a veteran U.N. troubleshooter to take over from international envoy Kofi Annan. At the same time, U.N. military observers are wrapping up their mission. By next week, all of the unarmed U.N. military observers will be out of Syria.

Russian Judge: Punk Band Sentenced To Two Years

A court sentenced the three members of an all female punk band to two years in jail after they were found guilty of hooliganism and religious hatred. The group had staged an anti-Putin protest in Moscow's main cathedral last February.