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Italy's Berlusconi Returns From Political Graveyard

As the Italian elections near, disgraced former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his coalition have surged to second place. Many are curious as to how he was able to resurrect himself.

Kenya's Graffiti Train Seeks To Promote A Peaceful Election

Kenya's last election in 2007 was followed by widespread violence. A railway that was hard-hit gives artists permission to spray-paint a "peace train" in advance of the ballot on March 4.

EU Says No To Arming Syrian Rebels

The decision comes the same day a U.N. commission said both the rebels as well as the Assad regime had committed atrocities and should be brought to justice.

Chinese Students Wore Uniforms With Cancer-Causing Dyes

Students in 21 schools in Shanghai were ordered to stop wearing uniforms that were found to contain the dye. The incident is the latest in quality-related hazards in the country.

Newly Displaced Syrians Head For Turkish Border

Refugee numbers are swelling again in Southern Turkey due to a heavy Syrian army military offensive in Central Syria. Humanitarian aid groups are becoming overwhelmed.

Mexico Tries To Rein In Billionaire Carlos Slim

Regulators in Mexico are struggling to rein in what they say are grave and repeat monopolistic practices by the richest man in the world. Carlos Slim Helu, the owner of Mexico's telephone company, just received another multimillion-dollar fine from the country's fledgling anti-corruption regulatory agency. Slim has successfully appealed or fought previous fines. But lawmakers say they are determined to make him play fairly and by the rules.