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Power Back On, But India's Outlook A Bit More Dim

A power failure in India left more than half the country in the dark, and has raised concerns about the country's outdated infrastructure. Anand Giridharadas is a columnist for The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, and author of the book India Calling. He speaks with Michel Martin about how India is managing its energy needs as it seeks to become a technological and economic power.

Cyclist Bradley Wiggins Wins Seventh Olympic Medal, A British Record

British cyclist Bradley Wiggins has won the gold medal in the men's individual time trial event, beating Germany's Tony Martin by 42 seconds, at 50 minutes and 39 seconds over the course of 49 kilometers. Wiggins is now the most-decorated Olympian in British history.

Heir To Billions Pleads Guilty To Keeping Dead Wife's Body At Home

Eva Rausing's body may have been lying beneath bags and linens for two months, a court heard today. Her husband told police he isn't clear about what happened to her. A cause of death has yet to be determined.

Indignant In India: Blackouts Have Millions 'Fuming'

"Powerless," "clueless," "dismaying." Those are just some of the words being used as Indians rant about the massive outages that have hit the nation this week.

Why Did So Many People Lose Power In India?

Steve Inskeep talks with New York Times New Delhi correspondent Gardiner Harris about the massive power outage in India. Officials late yesterday said electric service had been restored to most of the 670 million or so people who lost it.

As Islamists Gain, Mali's Tradition Under Threat

The wanton destruction of ancient U.N. World Heritage sites in fabled Timbuktu has come to symbolize the twin crises in Mali. In a matter of weeks, the once apparently stable Sahara Desert nation imploded with a rebellion in the north, followed by a coup in the south.

Political Stumbles Mark Romney's Trip Abroad

Mitt Romney headed home on Tuesday after an overseas trip to three countries. The presumptive Republican nominee visited Poland, where he delivered a speech in Warsaw. He also visited the United Kingdom and Israel.

India's Infrastructure To Blame For Mass Blackouts

Audie Cornish talks to Kalpana Kochha, chief economist for South Asia at the World Bank. They discuss India's energy crisis and how the country can improve its infrastructure.