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After Death Of Nuke Protester In Japan, A New Stigma

In Japan, people have been taking to the streets to protest nuclear power in a way not seen there since the Vietnam War. After a protester died in the street during those protests, the media establishment announced they would no longer cover such demonstrations and protests have been stigmatized ever since. Lucy Craft has the story.

Lawyers Demand Release Of South African Miners Charged In Colleagues' Deaths

Some 270 striking miners were charged with murder in the deaths of 34 others killed by police two weeks ago. Defense lawyers are threatening legal action if the miners are not released.

In Bike-Friendly Copenhagen, Highways For Cyclists

Bikers are everywhere in Copenhagen. And now the city is building new, high-speed routes into the city that will make it easier to commute, even from the distant suburbs.

For Sale: Greek Government Assets — Slightly Used

Greece is trying to raise cash by reviving an ambitious program to privatize state assets. Lenders hope the sell-off will cut Greece's enormous debt, but critics worry a fire sale will sell the country short.

Kofi Annan On Syria, Hard Choices Of Peacekeeping

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and former secretary-general of the U.N. has co-authored a book on his life's work, Interventions: A Life in War and Peace. He spoke with NPR's Scott Simon about difficult experiences involving Kosovo and Rwanda, as well as the future of Syria.

Officials: 12 Dead In Dual Suicide Attacks At NATO Base In Afghanistan

Afghan officials say two suicide attackers have blown themselves up near a NATO base in the country's east, killing at least 12 people and wounding more than 50.

Urbanization Puts Farms In Africa's Cities At Risk

As many as 40 percent of urban families in sub-Saharan Africa farm in household or commercial gardens. A survey from the United Nations finds that these urban farms, which feed millions of people each year, are in jeopardy if they're not protected during Africa's growth spurt.