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Are The French Outdoing Americans At Parenting?

Pamela Druckerman is causing a stir with her new book titled Bringing Up Bebe. The book argues that French parents raise better-behaved children than American parents. Host Michel Martin speaks with Druckerman, as well as Mathieu Garcon, who is a French dad, and Judith Warner, who wrote the modern motherhood book titled Perfect Madness.

For The Mazatec, Chocolate Not Just About Candy

The gooey goodness can be traced back hundreds of years to Mexico, where chocolate has been cherished by the indigenous Mazatec people. On Valentine's Day, host Michel Martin explores the history and spiritual significance of chocolate with mother and daughter duo, Natividad Estrada and Diana Xochitl Munn.

Croatia's Museum Of Broken Relationships

The museum's collection includes a wedding dress from a marriage gone wrong. It also includes a shattered garden gnome that a wife had hurled at her husband's car. And then there's an axe a woman used on her ex's furniture.

Asia Strategy In Focus As U.S., Chinese Leaders Meet

Xi Jinping, expected to become China's next president, begins highly anticipated meetings in Washington on Tuesday. The trip comes as the Obama administration seeks to shift the emphasis of its U.S. strategy toward the Asia-Pacific region — including changes the Chinese aren't sure they like.