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As Youth Crime Spikes, Brazil Struggles For Answers

A high-profile gang rape in Rio de Janeiro has put an uncomfortable spotlight on the sharp rise in crime committed by minors. Poverty, drugs and lack of resources are all seen as contributors to the problem.

4-Year-Old Rape Victim Dies In India

A 4-year-old child in India who was raped and hospitalized has died. Two suspects have been arrested.

Ontario's First Nation Struggles With Spike In Suicides

The Neskantaga First Nation is grappling with mental health and other issues in Canada's northern Ontario, where a high suicide rate prompted officials to declare a state of emergency earlier this month. The community has a population of around 400.

Bombing In Syrian Capital Kills More Than A Dozen People

The bombing is the second in as many days in Damascus and is thought to be part of a stepped up campaign against the government.

In Japan: Running Out Of Places To Put Radioactive Water

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was crippled in March 2011 by an earthquake and tsunami. Groundwater continues to pour into its reactor buildings, and workers are pumping it out. A forest likely will be cut down to make room for more storage tanks. Meanwhile, some storage facilities are leaking.

The Broader International Question: What To Do About Syria?

The Obama administration acknowledged last week that there's evidence the Syrian government had used chemical weapons. President Obama warned Syria not to cross that "red line," and now some Washington lawmakers are urging the president to take forceful action — including military intervention. Renee Montagne talks with Robert Malley, Middle East and North Africa program director at the International Crisis Group, about Obama's options in Syria.

Brazil Seeks To Avoid Own Goal Ahead Of World Cup

The country is preparing to host the 2014 World Cup by refurbishing its stadiums for soccer's biggest event. But some of the venues are behind schedule and the preparations are costing taxpayers more than they expected. Some now wonder if all of the fanfare is worth the effort.

U.S. Faces Fight At Intersection Of Crime And Extremism

The Justice Department says about half of all international criminal organizations have links to extremist groups, such as Hezbollah, the Taliban and FARC rebels in Colombia. But diffuse priorities are hindering U.S. efforts to combat this growing problem of transnational, organized crime.