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Morsi Calls For Consensus Amid Escalating Protests

Egyptian army tanks were deployed around the presidential palace in Cairo on Thursday after a night of clashes between pro and anti-government protesters outside the palace. Audie Cornish talks to Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson.

Syrian Militia Leaders Depend On A Terrorist Faction

Melissa Block talks with Joshua Landis, Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, about the ongoing conflict in Syria and whether the Bashar al-Assad regime has reached a tipping point.

With Looting, Syria's Army Isn't Winning Hearts And Minds

Syrian soldiers have increasingly been taking over civilian homes and apartments, and trashing and looting them before they leave.

Fruit Fly Nose Says Steer Clear Of Deadly Food; Human Nose Not So Reliable

Although we can usually smell when food goes bad, humans just don't have the fruit fly's direct path from nose to brain that alerts it to food poison. But the detection of this pathway could someday lead to more research that could help us develop better bug repellants.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Protesters clash in Egypt. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads a new diplomatic effort on Syria. And new details on the Bangladesh factory fire.


Hours After A Meal, It's The Memory That Matters

What a person remembers of a meal hours later, not the actual calories consumed, matters more when it comes to hunger. Eating while watching TV sets us up to eat more food than we should, but a new experiment shows how manipulating our memories of a meal can change how hungry we feel.

Royal Watch: Kate Is Released From Hospital

The pregnant duchess, who was being treated for acute morning sickness, nodded yes when asked if she's feeling better. Meanwhile, the Australian DJs who punk'd her hospital are apologizing for impersonating Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Panetta Warns Syria: 'Whole World Is Watching'

The defense secretary says the U.S. intelligence community has information that raises "serious concerns" because it indicates the Assad regime is prepared to use chemical weapons in his fight against rebel forces.

Perfume Evokes Smell Of Pizza Box Opening

When you crack open a pizza box, the heat's released and you get that scent from the dough and cheese and sauce. Pizza Hut in Canada has released that scent in a bottle of perfume. The company made 110 bottles and distributed them to its Facebook followers.