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Egypt's Prime Minister Calls For Ceasefire In Gaza

Hamas militants launched more rockets toward Tel Aviv and other cities amid Israel's continuing air and naval bombardment of the Gaza Strip on Friday. Egypt's Prime Minister also paid a brief visit to Gaza City and its Shifa hospital to express solidarity with the Palestinians.
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Gaza Conflict Sparks Protests In Washington

Supporters of both Israel and Palestine gathered in Washington D.C. to call for an end to hostilities. Even so, they were divided police line, a symbol of the larger problems underpinning the conflict.

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"Reverse Brain Drain"

We examine why the flow of intellect and skilled labor from poor to rich nations is reversing, and find out how it's impacting our area.


For The First Time, Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Jerusalem

The Palestinians have been firing rockets at Israel for years, but the volleys had been confined to the sparsely populated south of the country. The attack directed at Jerusalem is seen as a powerful symbolic blow.

Latin Grammys — Whimper, Not A Bang

Musicians from all genres celebrated the thirteenth annual Latin Grammys Thursday night. Host Michel Martin speaks with Felix Contrearas and Jasmine Garsd, co-hosts of NPR's Alt.Latino podcast, about the big winners and some hidden gems, too.

#Gaza: Fighting In Cyberspace?

Cross-border violence escalated between the Israeli military and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. But there's also a messaging war taking place on Twitter, with both sides live-tweeting their military operations. Host Michel Martin discusses the implications with NPR's senior strategist Andy Carvin and Greg Myre, NPR digital editor for international news.

East German Political Prisoners Made Some Of Its Products, IKEA Admits

"We are deeply sorry that this could happen," company spokeswoman Jeanette Skjelmose says. The Swedish furniture giant says some of its representatives were aware of what was happening. The work was done during the Cold War.

The Latest: Both Sides 'Ready To Escalate' As Israel And Hamas Fire Away

More rockets were fired at Israel from Hamas-controlled territory. Sirens are blaring in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Israel has aimed airstrikes at more targets in Gaza. And Egypt's prime minister, on a visit to Gaza, said his country would "spare no effort ... to stop the aggression."

Sips And Dips: Spa Celebrates Beaujolais Noveau

A Japanese spa resort has made quite a splash with a pool spiked with Beaujolais Nouveau — the first vintage of the season from the famous French wine region. The fresh and fruity drink is released the third Thursday of November. The spa near Mt. Fuji celebrated with wine in glasses as well.