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Listing The World's Billionaires: A Not-So-Exact Science

There are more than 1,400 billionaires in the world right now, according to two sources — one in the U.S., and one in China. But the tallies by Forbes and Hurun Report differ on key points, including whether there are now more billionaires in Asia than anywhere else.

'Conscience' of Syrian Revolution Faces Challenge from Islamists

Every Friday, protesters in Kafr Nabl, a small town in northwest Syria, take to the streets with posters offering their witty and sarcastic take on the state of the uprising. The town is attracting young Syrians from all over the country who are calling for a secular, democratic state.

Catholic Cardinals Meet To Prepare For Election Of New Pope

Roman Catholic cardinals gathered Monday to plan how they will select the successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

A Multimedia Journey Through 'The Persian Square'

Iran is often portrayed as dangerous, violent and politically unstable. But that's only one side of the story. Art, technology and culture are central to Persian identity. The new digital book The Persian Square shows surprising ties between Iran and the U.S. Host Michel Martin speaks with author and NPR Senior Producer Iran Davar Ardalan.

Reports: Snipers Deployed To Kill Tehran's Cat-Sized Rats

The rodents have been a big problem in Iran's capital for years. Efforts to poison them may have run their course. So, according to local reports, sniper teams have been deployed. Some of their targets are quite large — weighing about 11 pounds.

'Bless Me, Ultima' Role A 'Gift From Heaven'

The new film adaptation, Bless Me, Ultima, tells a story of witchcraft and religion during 1940s New Mexico. The film is based on a popular, but controversial novel that was a staple of Chicano lit. Puerto Rican actress Miriam Colon talks with host Michel Martin about playing the role of Ultima.

French Commander Cautious About Al-Qaida Leaders' Deaths

The head of France's joint chiefs of staff says he thinks one of the leaders, Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, is probably dead, but he's less certain about Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The government of Chad over the weekend said the leaders had been killed in fighting in Mali.

Queen Elizabeth II Leaves Hospital

The 86-year-old monarch was taken to a London hospital over the weekend to be treated for symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Dennis Rodman's Take On The North Korean Regime

The former basketball star says despite an atrocious human rights record and threats to destroy the U.S., Kim Jong Un is humble, peaceful and loved by his people.