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Looking For Elephant Ivory? Try China

As China grows richer, the demand is growing for elephant ivory smuggled from Africa. Despite occasional crackdowns and even prison sentences, it's not hard to find upscale Chinese shops that sell it.

Putin Heavily Favored As Russians Pick A President

The critics of Vladimir Putin have been growing more vocal. But the current prime minister does not appear to face any serious challengers and looks set to win a third term as president as Russians choose a new leader in an election Sunday.

Will The New AK-47 Be As Popular As The Original?

Russia is planning a Kalashnikov assault rifle redesign that would target the military market. But after 60 years of heavy use by armies, rebels and gangsters, the market may be saturated.

Syrian Army Drives Rebels From Embattled City

In the central city of Homs, the Baba Amr neighborhood has been the center of opposition to President Bashar Assad's regime. But after nearly a month of heavy fighting, government troops forced the rebels to retreat.

An Inuit Builder Crafts His Last Canoe

Members of the Inuit community of Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador province once used wood-and-canvas canoes to navigate the region's rivers. Joe Goudie is the last person making such canoes in this corner of Canada, and, under doctor's orders, he's finally putting down his tools.