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Europe's Austerity Plans Face Growing Backlash

In Greece, the politicians can't agree on a new government. In Spain, the health of the banks is in doubt. Europe's austerity plans are generating increasing opposition, and the Continent's economic crisis appears to be growing more urgent.

Manchester's 'Other' Soccer Team The Best In England

Manchester City's soccer team are now champions of England, having won the Premier League title on Sunday. It's a stunning and delightful development for die-hard fans. Manchester City, which is not to be confused with Manchester United, hasn't won a championship for 44 years. Melissa Block talks with Jim White, sports columnist with the Telegraph and native of Manchester.

Palestinian Prisoners End Mass Hunger Strike

At least 1,200 Palestinians in Israeli jails have agreed to end a mass hunger strike in a deal mediated by Egypt. Israeli officials have promised to ease prison conditions in exchange for the end to the fast.

Australia's Poker Machines: Are They Too Popular?

Gambling has always been popular in Australia, and slot machines, known as "pokies," can be found in bars, hotels and clubs as well as casinos. Some politicians, including the prime minister, have raised the possibility of setting some limits.

Op-Ed: Euro Crisis 'Uniquely Greek'

Markets around the world continue to fall, after losing ground for several days in a row, as the political stalemate drags on in Greece. London Business School professor Michael Jacobides, writing in The Huffington Post, says several factors unique to Greece explain the country's fall.

In Mexico, Cartels Target Journalists

The spiraling drug violence is increasingly affecting journalists, in a country considered one of the most dangerous for reporters. Host Michel Martin speaks with Jose de Cordoba of The Wall Street Journal, and Carlos Lauria of the Committee to Protect Journalists. Advisory: This segment may not be comfortable for some listeners.