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Sharp Criticism, Some Words In Defense At Hearing On Benghazi Attack

Diplomatic security was weak, a former commander of the "site security team" tells Congress. A State Department security aide, though, says "the system we had in place was regularly tested and appeared to work as planned."

Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails: Smoking Hot Trend Or Unnecessary Risk?

The latest victim injured by a liquid nitrogen cocktail had to have parts of her stomach removed. Yet some in the bar business say the substance is safe when used properly. What do you think? Take our survey.

Better To Elect Islamists Than Have Dictators?

Leadership shake-ups across the Arab world have not necessarily made things better for everyone, particularly the United States. Islamists have been voted into power, but is this a better scenario than having dictators faithful to U.S. interests? It's up for debate at Intelligence Squared U.S.

Member Of Russia's Pussy Riot Freed; Two Others Remain In Jail

Two of the three political punk rockers will serve the remainder of their two-year terms for "hooliganism."

Taiwan Asks Apple Maps To Blur Radar Station

Authorities in Taiwan noticed Apple Maps includes a clear, precise satellite image of an early warning radar station. It watches for threats from China, and Taiwanese officials would rather China's military not be able to study it on their iPhones. Officials asked Apple to blur the image, as Google Maps does.

Spaniards, Who Usually Aid Others, Being Asked To Help Their Own

For the first time, the Red Cross in Spain is looking to raise money so that it can get food to those who are suffering most because of the country's financial crisis. For decades, the organization has focused on helping starving people elsewhere.

Successful Surgery For Pakistani Girl Whose Shooting Has Caused Outrage

The Pakistian Taliban says Malala Yousufzai, 15, was shot because she had advocated for the education of girls and had blogged about the cruelty she had seen. The attack on her has angered many Pakistanis.

Pakistani Girl Activist Wounded In Taliban Attack

In Pakistan, a 15-year-old girl is in the hospital with a bullet wound in her head. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the shooting. Malala Yousefzai has spent several years criticizing violent Islamist militants who do not want girls to have an education.