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In Haiti, Where Does Art Fit In?

With tens of thousands of Haitians still displaced and living in tent cities, some might consider art a luxury few can afford. But curator Diane Ford Dessables is working with venues in the U.S. to sell the work of Haitian painters. The sales go to the artists and to help rebuild an art school. Host Michel Martin talks with Dessables.

Haiti Struggles To Recover From 2010 Earthquake

Two years after a massive earthquake leveled Haiti's capital and killed roughly 300,000 people, the nation's recovery is slowing picking up speed. The number of displaced living in tented camps has dropped but Cholera continues to be a problem.

In Russia, Modern 'Revolution' Comes At Its Own Pace

Historically, Russians have often been content to accept strong leadership and stability. There are signs, however, that Russians are feeling let down by the government. A trip across Russia found many people patiently awaiting change.

Can Iran Close The World's Most Important Oil Route?

Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic waterway that handles 20 percent of the world's oil, in retaliation for a new round of sanctions. Experts say Iran has low-cost options, such as mines, to wreak havoc and potentially close the strait.

Nigeria Rattled By Strikes, Sectarian Violence

Nigeria has abundant oil, but when the government recently lifted fuel subsidies, it touched off nationwide strikes as prices soared. The country also faces the threat of worsening sectarian fighting.