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A Minute-By-Minute Account Of the Norway Massacre

On July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik killed 77 people and injured hundreds more when he bombed government buildings in Oslo, Norway and then went on a shooting rampage at a summer camp. GQ correspondent Sean Flynn documents the "beat-by-beat horrors of those terrifying 198 minutes" in the August issue.

The Crisis In Syria, On A Human Level

NPR's Kelly McEvers has looked at the lives of Syrian rebels and people in areas under their control. And Janine di Giovanni has spent time in Damascus and Homs, reporting on Syria's elite, who, until recently, have clung to many aspects of normal life, despite violence erupting around them.

Video Clip Previewing London 2012 Opening Ceremony Is Released

The footage shows kids in pj's bouncing on giant beds, and an array of dancers in lavish costumes. The most mystifying - and gripping - image is a mass of helmeted cyclists wearing giant silvery-blue flapping wings, pedaling around in two huge circles.

The Olympics Meet A Mall, And Make A Nightmare

On the edge of Olympic Park, Westfield Stratford City Mall is the gateway to the London Games. As many as 70 percent of 10 million visitors are expected to pass through the mall. But what if you just need to get somewhere — and you have to walk through the mall?

South Africa Chasing 'Zero Deaths, Zero Stigma'

As the 19th International AIDS Conference continues in Washington D.C., Tell Me More looks at the epidemic in Africa. More than 5 million people are living with AIDS in South Africa — more than in any other country. But Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, health minister of South Africa, says things may be changing for the better. He's in town for the conference, and he speaks with host Michel Martin about how changing attitudes towards testing and medicine are easing the country's staggering epidemic.

Finding Africa's Solutions To HIV/AIDS

Billions of dollars have been invested by the international community to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa. But the leader of the African Medical and Research Fund says the continent needs to start finding "African solutions to African problems." Host Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Teguest Guerma, the first woman to lead the organization, about what Africa needs to stabilize its HIV pandemic.