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Far-Right European Movements Unite

In Denmark, far-right movements from various countries are gathering with the hope of launching a pan-European, anti-Islamist alliance. NPR's Philip Reeves reports.

To Keep Protesters Away, Egypt's Police Put Up Walls

The barriers went up near the Interior Ministry in Cairo, turning vibrant neighborhoods into a maze of checkpoints. Some residents say the walls symbolize the divisions between the country's authorities and ordinary citizens.

Children Swept Up Into Syria's Violence

The United Nations says President Bashar Assad's forces have killed more than 9,000 people during the year-long popular revolt. Now, the plight of Syria's children has captured attention. Host Scott Simon talks with Navi Pillay, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, who is one of the most prominent voices calling for their protection.

What Does N. Korea, 'The Impossible State,' Want?

North Korea is the most secretive country in the world: mysterious and menacing in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Victor Cha, a former member of the National Security Council, has a new book, The Impossible State: North Korea, Past And Future. Host Scott Simon talks with Cha about this week's events on the Korean Peninsula.

Is That A Crushed Bug In Your Frothy Starbucks Drink?

Cochineal is a red dye made from a crushed insect native to Latin America. Some vegetarians are distressed that Starbucks uses the dye in some of its pink-colored food and beverages.

Myanmar Hurriedly Prepares For An Election

As Sunday's election approaches, there's a flurry of activity in Myanmar. People from all over the world have come in search of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate and leader of the opposition National League for Democracy. The chaotic environment is a reminder of how far the party has to go to be ready for the political prime time.