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Diplomat: U.S. Has Military Option Ready, If Needed, To Deal With Iran

President Obama has said "all options are on the table." The U.S. ambassador to Israel said this week that military options are ready, if necessary, but that diplomacy is still the preferred solution.

If Greece Starts Dominoes Falling, What's Next?

If the Greek economy collapses, economists fear it could lead to a chain reaction that engulfs Spain, Portugal, Italy and other E.U. countries with fragile economies. While some experts argue doomsday scenarios are overblown, others believe the consequences would be chaotic and far-reaching.

Why The U.S. Is Aggressively Targeting Yemen

Yemen is now considered to be "the greatest external threat facing the U.S. homeland in terms of terrorism," says investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill.
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Digging Into The History Of Mexico's Grim Santa Muerte

A Virginia scholar is looking into the lore surrounding Mexico's folk hero, Santa Muerte. The skeleton lady is now worshipped on both sides of the country's drug war, and her popularity is spreading into the U.S.


Activist Chen May Soon Have Passport, Be Able To Leave China

Chinese authorities have his completed application now, and have indicated that Chen and his family may get their passports within about two weeks. But Chen says he hasn't gotten a firm promise.

After Palestinian Prison Deal, A Push For Nonviolence

Palestinian prisoners ended a mass hunger strike aimed at improving conditions in Israeli prisons after reaching a deal with Israeli authorities this week. The success has some Palestinians calling for a greater emphasis on nonviolence in their opposition to Israeli policies.

Greek Voters Unlikely To Switch Austerity Views

John Peet, Europe editor of The Economist in London, talks to David Greene about European reaction to heightened speculation that Greece may leave the eurozone. Next month, voters are likely to back parties that want to tear up the IMF-EU bailout deal.