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Signs Emerge Of Economic Change In North Korea

As North Korea prepares for an unusual parliamentary meeting Tuesday, farmers have told the Western media that new agricultural rules will give them more control over their crops — which would mark a significant change for the state-run economy. It raises hopes that the country is on the verge of a major shift.

Foxconn Temporarily Closes iPhone Plant After Riot

Thousands of workers in northern China rioted inside a Foxconn plant to protest their treatment by security guards. The company says about 40 people went to the hospital with injuries. Foxconn has come under intense scrutiny for its working conditions.

Mexican Drug War Chokes Nuevo Laredo With Fear

Narcotraffickers battling over turf in northern Mexico's border town of Nuevo Laredo have left a trail of bodies and a populace afraid to speak. Last week, nine corpses were dumped near the outskirts of the city. Making matters worse, 131 inmates escaped from a prison in about two hours outside Nuevo Laredo.

Poverty, Segregation Fuel Marseille Crime Wave

Drug- and gang-related shootouts have killed 20 people so far this year in France's second largest city. The crime wave has prompted one Marseille politician to call for the army to be sent in. The city's isolated housing projects breed despair and are home to a parallel economy based on drugs.

Decades-Old Nuclear Standoff Finally Ends ... With New Zealand

A little-known, but longtime nuclear standoff ended this week when U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifted a 26-year-old ban that kept New Zealand naval ships from docking at U.S. bases. The ban stems from New Zealand's nuclear-free policy that forbids U.S. nuclear ships into its ports.

Film Sparks Long-Simmering Frustration In Pakistan

In Pakistan, a government minister is offering a $100,000 dollar bounty for anyone who kills the maker of a video that denigrates the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. The offer came one day after many cities in Pakistan were engulfed in violent demonstrations over the online video. NPR's Jackie Northam in Islamabad speaks with guest host Linda Wertheimer.