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Months After Night Club Kidnapping, Bodies Found In Mexico

In Mexico City, there's a sad conclusion to a mass abduction of 12 youth abducted in May from a bar near a popular tourist destination. Authorities say they have identified 10 of the missing youth among bodies found in a mass grave outside the capital.

Finns Dominate Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship

The 2013 Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships in Finland have crowned a winner in the Women's category — Asa Lundgren from Sweden. Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel have more.

Kerry: Syria Has To Be Held Accountable For Chemical Weapons

Even as United Nations inspectors try to determine whether and what kind of chemical weapons were used in Syria last week, international diplomats are trying to determine how to respond. Russia has made clear it wants no part of any intervention. It is a veto holder on the UN Security Council, so there's no chance the UN will authorize military force. If the U.S. and its partners want to act, they will have to do so without UN legal cover.

U.S. May Fire Cruise Missiles On Syrian Military

The Obama administration is considering military action against Syria. The debate over what to do follows the possible use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government last week.

What Are The U.S. Options In Syria?

The Obama administration is under pressure to act against Syrian President Bashar Assad following last week's report of the use of chemical weapons by his regime. The U.S. says it's looking at all options in Syria.

The Great Dumpling Debate: What Makes The Cut?

The humble dumpling seems unencumbered by controversy until you start trying to define it. We asked three experts to weigh in. Tell us what you think, too.

Amateur Ko Wins LPGA Event Again; Says Goodbye To $300K Again

Lydia Ko, the New Zealand golfer who last year became the youngest person ever to win an LPGA event, has played her way into the record books again. By successfully defending her title at the Canadian Women's Open this past weekend, Ko, who's now 16, is the only amateur to win two LPGA events.
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Opposition Forces In Syria

The Obama administration may ask the Pentagon to provide support for moderate rebel groups in Syria. Guest host Susan Page and her guests examine the struggle for power among opposition forces in Syria’s civil war.


Debate: Does The U.S. Have A Dog In The Fight In Syria?

So far, the Obama administration has been reluctant to intervene in a major way in the Syrian civil war. Is there a clear course of action the U.S. could take to help the Syrian people that would lead to a better outcome?

Amanda Knox Won't Attend New Italian Trial, Lawyer Says

Amanda Knox, whose murder conviction was overturned in 2011, will not travel to Italy for a new trial in the death of fellow student Meredith Kercher. A spokesman for the Knox family tells CNN that Knox's presence isn't required at next month's trial.