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Portuguese Wary Of German Drive For Austerity

Many Portuguese are angered by the German-led drive for austerity. Backlash is mounting in Portugal where some people fear compliance with rigorous EU policies could weaken their democracy.

On Tibetan Plateau, A Sense Of Constant Surveillance

These days, visiting Tibetan areas is a risky venture for journalists trying to cover the protest movement against Chinese rule, including a rash of self-immolations. But the dangers are far greater for those who talk to them. NPR's Louisa Lim recently traveled there and describes the challenges.

Remembering War Correspondent Marie Colvin

Journalist Marie Colvin, of Britain's Sunday Times, was killed in Syria Wednesday — along with French photographer Remi Ochlik. NPR's Neal Conan remembers the foreign journalist who joined Talk of the Nation several times, reporting from Gaza and Libya.

Dealing With Dictators, The U.S. Playbook Varies

The U.S. has used military force to help oust three dictatorial regimes since 2001. But other autocrats have good relations with the U.S., and some even get the red-carpet treatment. What factors account for the different responses around the world?

Mubarak Verdict Due On June 2

If he's found guilty of ordering the deaths of protesters last year, Egypt's former president could be put to death.