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Ignoring Critics, Argentina To Nationalize Oil Firm

The oil company is the largest in Argentina, and is owned mostly by a private Spanish company. The move has raised howls of protest from Spain, and seems to harken back to an earlier era in Latin America.

U.S. Wallet Closed As IMF Seeks To Build Crisis Fund

At a news conference kicking off the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said she wants to secure at least $400 billion for a special crisis fund for Europe. Thus far, the U.S. has chosen not to contribute.

India Tests Long-Range Missile Launch

India successfully tested a long-range missile Thursday. The rocket is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead as far away as Beijing, and is seen as part of India's nuclear deterrent against the Chinese.

Bahrain To Hold Grand Prix Despite Expected Protests

More than 100 million viewers around the world are expected to tune-in to watch a Grand Prix race in the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain this weekend. The same race was cancelled there last year for safety reasons, amid Arab Spring protests and police crack downs. While turmoil still exists, ESPN senior writer Ryan McGee tells Audie Cornish this year's race will likely go on, but it won't be without controversy.

Russian Gymnasts Seek To Soar Once Again

The Soviet Union dominated women's gymnastics, but the Russian team has not fared nearly as well in recent years. The women and coaches of the current team hope to reclaim their former glory at the London Olympics this summer.

The Social Media Shuffle: From Kony To Spooning

Remember Joseph Kony? A video about the African warlord dominated social media early last month. But its call to action on Friday night is largely being ignored by many of the same young people who were initially drawn to the cause. Some are focused on new and much less serious things.

For Syria, A 'Lawrence Of Arabia' Moment

The iconic movie showed the turmoil that engulfed Syria at the end of World War I. As was the case a century ago, the world is again attempting to bring peace and order to Syria.

U.N. Chief: Syria Violating Cease-Fire Amid Apparent Deal On Observers

Ban Ki-moon warns that Syria isn't withdrawing troops even as the U.N. announces a deal on the observer mission.

In Kashmir Conflict Zone, The Glacier Is The Enemy

It's been years since shots were fired on the Siachen glacier, where troops from Pakistan and India face off. Still, both countries devote considerable resources and often pay high costs — a point driven home by the deaths of 140 Pakistanis in an avalanche.