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A New Weapon Against Nukes: Social Media

A top State Department official wants to unleash the power of Twitter, Facebook and other services to crowdsource the fight to control the world's nuclear weapons.

China's Demolition Derby Turns History Into Rubble

Historic buildings in Beijing are being demolished in the pursuit of quick profit. Even the home of the architect who urged Mao Zedong to preserve Beijing's old city has fallen to the wreckers' ball, sparking considerable outrage. And the epidemic of destruction is spreading to new buildings, too.

In Russia, Punk-Rock Riot Girls Rage Against Putin

Anti-government protests in Russia are taking many forms — one of the latest is a feminist collective's performance in Red Square of a song criticizing Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The guerrilla group says it plans more exploits before March's presidential elections.

Hamas, Palestinians Sign Unity Agreement

Robert Siegel speaks with Daoud Kuttab, director general of a Palestinian media organization and the Community Media Network in Amman, Jordan, about the unity agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

In Restive Syrian City, Signs Of Sectarian Violence

Activists say three families, including women and children, were stabbed or shot at close range just outside their houses in Homs on Tuesday. Human rights groups say killings like these are becoming increasingly sectarian, which doesn't bode well for a conflict that's already spinning out of control.

Tensions Bubbling Again Over Falkland Islands

It's been 30 years since Britain and Argentina went to war over the Falkland Islands. The British won, leaving the islands off the coast of Argentina in British hands. While the war may be over, tensions between the two countries about who owns the Falklands have risen in recent months. Host Robert Siegel talks with professor Mark Jones of Rice University for more.