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From Canada Down To Argentina, The Oil Flows

U.S. oil production has been on the rise, and that's been widely noted. But the same is true throughout the Americas, which are now home to four of the world's top nine producers.

Even Soccer Teams Are Feeling The Pinch In Spain

Spaniards love their soccer, and it has provided a diversion during the economic crisis. But a government desperate for cash is now demanding that teams pay taxes they were evading.

A Tweet, A Year In A Labor Camp, And Now An Appeal

One irreverent tweet about a powerful Chinese politician was enough to get Fang Hong sent to a Chinese labor camp for a year. Encouraged by the recent fall of that politician, Bo Xilai, Fang is appealing his case and attacking the system of re-education through labor.

Spaniards Withdraw Money Over Bank Failure Fears

Any rescue of Spain's banking system could exceed the cost of Greece's total bailout. That has investors worried, after Madrid was forced to nationalize its largest real estate lender. The previous government's strategy was to force mergers among the small banks, to try to combine assets and strengthen them against debts. But what has resulted is simply bigger banks with bigger debts.
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Confucius Institutes In The United States

China has been promoting Chinese language and culture through "Confucius Institutes" in partnerships with universities around the world. Many cash-strapped universities welcome the support, but critics worry that there may be too many strings attached.


What A Show! China's Movie Theaters Have Improved Dramatically

NPR's Frank Langfitt can't get over how much things have changed for movie fans such as him. In only a decade or so, China's theaters have gone high-tech. And they've gotten expensive.