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Video Said To Show Toronto Mayor Smoked Crack

Morning Edition's David Greene talks to Jamie Strashin of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's amazing political survival amid a scandal involving drugs and alcohol.

'Bloomberg Markets' Magazine Reveals Hidden Billionaires

The world's top 100 billionaires have a combined fortune of $2.1 trillion, according to Bloomberg Markets magazine. In the latest issue out Tuesday, it lists the richest of the rich. Morning Edition's David Greene talked to editor Matthew Miller, who oversees the rankings.

Sacramento Kings Look To India To Attract New NBA Fans

Last year, Sacramento Kings fans were saying goodbye, expecting the NBA team to move to Seattle. But new ownership came together just in time, and the Kings stayed put. The new management plans to build the Kings into a contender, and a big part of that blueprint involves building up a fan base in — believe it or not — India.

After Drone Strike, Taliban In Pakistan To Choose New Leader

The Taliban in Pakistan are looking for a new tactical leader — the last one, Hakimullah Mehsud, was killed in a drone strike in late October. For more on the group, Steve Inskeep talks to Sebastian Abbot, the Islamabad Bureau Chief for The Associated Press.

Kenya Charges Four Somali Men In Mall Attack

Four men the suspected in the attack of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi were charged in court Monday. Somalia-based militant group al-Shabaab claimed credit for the attack, which left at least 67 people dead. None of the four were charged with executing the attack, but instead with sheltering the gunmen and obtaining fake Kenyan IDs for the attackers.

Embattled Toronto Mayor Back In The News For Drugs, Drinking

Melissa Block talks to Kevin Donovan, investigative reporter for the Toronto Star, about the ongoing controversy of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The embattled mayor is back in the news, responding now to allegations of drug use and public intoxication.

In Iran, Hardliners Mark Embassy Anniversary With Anti-U.S. Rally

Monday marks the 34th anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran when 52 Americans were taken hostage and spent 444 days in captivity. As they do every year, Iranian hardliners took to the streets by the thousands and chanted anti-American slogans. The annual display of hostility was given fresh emphasis by Iranian hardliners as it comes as Iran's new government tries to sustain momentum for a delicate diplomatic outreach over Iran's nuclear program.

Trial Of Ousted President Morsi Gets Off To A Hectic Start In Egypt

There were chaotic scenes in a Cairo courtroom Monday at the start of the trial of former president Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected leader who was ousted by the military in July.
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Lawmakers And Regulators Take A Closer Look At Bitcoin

The Senate Homeland Security Committee hears testimony on the economic benefits of Bitcoin. Critics argue it provides a safe haven for drug traffickers and other criminals. Diane and her guests discuss new questions about the digital currency Bitcoin.


From Sulking To Sanctions, A Street-Level View Of Life In Iran

Journalist Hooman Majd's new book, The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay, was inspired by the year he and his young American family spent in Tehran, where Majd was born. He tells Fresh Air about the country's long-standing tradition of sulking, and what sets Tehran apart from most other Islamic metropolises.