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Viral Video Educates World On Ugandan War Lord

The American non-profit group Invisible Children aims to raise awareness about Ugandan war lord Joseph Kony. A video the group made has gone viral on the Internet. Steve Inskeep talks to Barbara Among, a journalist with Uganda's Daily Monitor, to find out what Ugandans think of the campaign.

U.S. Command Fights Terrorists On African Soil

The recent spectacular rescue of an American aid worker from Somali pirates put a spotlight on the U.S. military's newest regional command, Africom. The Africa Command was created in 2007. Morning Edition's Renee Montagne talks to General Carter Ham about U.S. military involvement in Africa and fighting terrorist groups on African soil.

Trauma, Not Radiation, Is Key Concern In Japan

Experts say health effects from the radiation released by last year's nuclear disaster will be minimal. But the lasting psychological trauma from the tsunami, including the loss of life and livelihoods, will be an ongoing struggle.

A Year On, Japan Is Still Looking For The Road Ahead

A new independent report on the Fukushima nuclear accident found that a far worse meltdown — one that could have forced the evacuation of Tokyo's 30 million people — was narrowly avoided. It also suggests that Japan also suffered a failure of government regulation, supervision and response.

One Year Later: Japan's Wreckage And Recovery

Interactive photos show continuity and change in Japan since the tsunami struck one year ago.

Joseph Kony Is Infamous — But Will He Be Caught?

A social-media campaign designed to make Joseph Kony into one of the world's most reviled villains appears to have worked. But capturing the notorious Ugandan rebel leader has proven an elusive goal for many governments for many years.