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Still Wounded, Baghdad Hosts Arab Summit

The Arab League is meeting in Baghdad for the first time in more than 20 years. While little in the way of major policy is expected to come out of the summit, after years of violence and war, it's a marvel the summit is happening at all.

For The Two Sudans, The Threat Of War Looms

South Sudan's independence from Sudan last summer was supposed to end decades of conflict between the two countries. But renewed fighting and increased tension is threatening to erupt into full-scale battle, while civilians face increasing hardships.

To Be Heard, Egypt's Bedouins Take Tourists Hostage

After decades of neglect and abuse by Egypt's former regime, Bedouin tribesmen say they are kidnapping Western visitors in an attempt to force the government to meet basic needs such as running water. They say they aren't happy doing it, but they feel they have no choice.

Pope Meets Fidel Castro, Wraps Up Visit To Cuba

In the last public event of his three-day visit to the island, Pope Benedict XVI called on Cuba, and the world, to change and choose a path of "love, reconciliation and brotherhood." Benedict met with Fidel Castro before departing the island — but did not meet with dissidents.

At Arab League Summit, High Stakes For Host Nation

This week's summit is the first in Iraq in more than twenty years, and the first since the Arab Spring uprisings began. Guest host Jacki Lyden talks about what the summit means for the host nation, and discusses recent developments in the Arab world with Adeed Dawisha of Miami University and Ned Parker, with the Council on Foreign Relations.