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N. Korea Agrees To Nuclear Moratorium, U.S. Says

The State Department said Wednesday that North Korea agreed to implement a moratorium on nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and nuclear activities including the enrichment of uranium. In return, the U.S. agreed to finalize details of a food aid package and other steps to improve bilateral ties.

Drone Strikes Tracked Near Afghan-Pakistan Border

Pakistani journalist Pir Zubair Shah has been following drone strikes in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan for more than half a decade. He talks to Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep about his recent article in Foreign Policy magazine titled "My Drone War."

After Quran Burnings, U.S. To Review Afghan Mission

The deadly violence in Afghanistan over the burning of Qurans by the U.S. military has brought the American-led NATO mission to a crossroads. Among the dead have been four Americans — two of them by an Afghan policeman inside a supposedly highly secure government ministry building. The U.S. pulled all its advisers from those ministries.