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China's Increased Investment Upsets Some Pakistanis

China is the one country that is looking to invest in Pakistan in a big way. But that has upset militant nationalists in southern Pakistan. They accuse China of trying to be a new colonial power. A recent bomb blast near the Chinese Consulate in Karachi underscores the rising tensions.

Missing Ethiopian Prime Minister Pronounced Dead

Ethiopians today are facing an uncertain future after the death of their leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. He was last seen in public in June, and he reportedly died in a Belgian hospital. Guest host Viviana Hurtado discusses the implications of Meles Zenawi's death for the region with NPR Africa correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton.

Diana Nyad Ends Latest Bid To Swim From Cuba To Key West

The endurance athlete, who turns 63 on Wednesday, has been trying to become the first person to make the swim without the protection of a shark cage. This was her third recent attempt.

Cuba Examines Asian Model For Economic Reforms

Cuba is one of the world's last remaining communist states. Cuba's allies in China and Vietnam also maintain firm one-party rule, but have prospered by introducing market principles to their economic models.

Lesbian Couple Tests Colombia's Adoption Laws

In Latin America, high courts are expanding the rights of gay people, including the right to marry. Now many courts are also ruling in favor of gay adoption. One case that could set an important precedent involves a lesbian couple in Colombia.

Don't Charge That Electric Car Battery; Just Change It

Some drivers in Israel now have electric car batteries that never need to be charged. They can just pull into Better Place, a company that has built battery changing stations designed to be just as convenient as gas stations.