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With Gunman Dead, France Probes For Answers

In the aftermath of the deadly attacks on French soldiers and a Jewish school, and the police showdown with the suspected gunman in Toulouse, France is agonizing over how a young man could turn on his fellow citizens so ruthlessly.

N. Korea Tests U.S. Deal Ahead Of Nuclear Summit

North Korea's nuclear weapons program is threatening to overshadow the global Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul next week. Last month, North Korea said it would freeze its enriched uranium weapons program and its long-range missile activities in exchange for U.S. food aid. But a few days ago, North Korea announced plans to launch a satellite in April, which the U.S. says is counter to the agreement made last month. Now prospects for the deal are uncertain.

Pope Expected To Address Drug Violence In Mexico

Benedict XVI will be greeted by one of the world's largest Catholic populations when he visits Mexico on Friday. He is also traveling to Cuba, where the church has played an active role in seeking change.


Canadian Asked For Death, But Now Wants Life

The only Canadian on death row in the United States is making one last ditch effort to avoid execution. Capitol punishment is illegal in Canada and the Canadian government formally supports the clemency request, but the final word is up to the governor, a vocal supporter of the death penalty.


Renegade Soldiers Claim Coup In Mali

Renegade soldiers in Mali say they've successfully overthrown the country's president and seized power. Audie Cornish talks to Ofeibea Quist-Arcton for more.


Toulouse Standoff Leaves Suspect Dead After Shootout

The suspected killer of seven people in France is dead. Mohamed Mareh died in a blaze of gunfire as he jumped from a window to escape French SWAT teams. His death ends a wave of attacks that gripped the nation and raised concerns about home-grown terrorism. Mareh told police he had ties to al Qaida.