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With Obama's Asia Trip, An Attempted Focus Shift

President Obama is in Thailand as part of a trip to Asia that will include a regional summit and the first ever visit by a sitting U.S. president to Myanmar, also known as Burma. The president's visit is seen as a sign of his commitment to focus American foreign policy on the region, but fighting in Gaza is pulling away attention. Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Scott Horsley.

Online, Chinese Spin English Words For New Meaning

An unusual list of words popped up recently on China's Twitter equivalent, Weibo. The words are in English, but they've gone viral on the Chinese Twittersphere. Chinese "netizens" have come up with satirical misspellings of "democrazy" and "freedamn."

Syrian Opposition Finds Some Coherence

Fierce fighting has continued in recent days between the Syrian Army and rebels in the suburbs. The Syrian Opposition has been fragmented, but this month its factions reached a new understanding and appointed a leader. Host Rachel Martin discusses latest developments in the Syria crisis with NPR's Deborah Amos and Kelly McEvers.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A ... Guy In A Giraffe Suit?

In Scotland, a guy was "on the loo" one day when he wondered what it would be like to dress us as a giraffe and then go around performing random acts of kindness. Six months later, he's something of a national sensation.

Gaza Returns Rockets For Israeli Airstrikes

The conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip continues to escalate after Israeli airstrikes flattened key targets in Gaza and Palestinian rockets threatened deeper into Israel than ever before.

Iron Dome Embraces Tel Aviv As Residents Take Cover

Sirens have beachgoers diving into the sand and pedestrians ducking behind cars in a city that has not seen a rocket strike in more than two decades. Israel's political and military echelons are calling for a harsh response.

Hamas Remains Defiant As Fighting Escalates

Overnight, Israel stepped up its air assault against rocket launches from Gaza. Friday, Palestinians showed for the first time they could send a weapon into Jerusalem, and Israel is threatening a ground invasion. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Anthony Kuhn about the continuing airstrikes in Gaza.

Renewed Violence In Gaza A Test For New Leaders

As violence intensifies between Israelis and Palestinians, politics is playing a big role in how governments in the region are reacting. Israel has an election coming up, while Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is navigating new territory and Syria is hoping for a distraction. Host Scott Simon talks with Rob Malley of the International Crisis Group.