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From A Chinese Apartment To Wall Street Darling: The Rise Of Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's initial public stock offering in New York is expected to be one of the biggest ever. It's come a long way since a former English teacher founded it in 1999.

After A Tumultuous Summer, Ukrainian Kids Return To School

With Ukraine in an uneasy cease-fire, schoolkids returned to class this month and attempted to resume normal life. They tell what back-to-school feels like when their country's been at war all summer.

In The County Where Ebola First Struck Liberia, A Cry For Help

The virus reportedly crossed the border from Guinea into lush Lofa County in March. Health workers risk their lives to care for the sick — and are "flabbergasted" at the lack of international aid.

Meteor Leaves 40-Foot Crater Near Managua's Airport

The space rock, thought to have broken off from an Earth-passing asteroid, left a hole 16 feet deep just outside the international airport in the Nicaraguan capital.

Arab League Chief Urges 'Confrontation' With Islamic State Militants

In apparent backing of the U.S., Nabil Elaraby tells the 22-member organization that it needs a "comprehensive confrontation" with the extremist group.

Poroshenko, On Visit To East, Vows Mariupol Will Stay Ukrainian

The Ukrainian president, speaking in the embattled region, says: "This city was, is and will be Ukrainian."

Royal Couple Kate And William Expecting Another Baby

A second child for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be fourth in line to the throne, pushing Prince Harry down in the royal hierarchy.

Doctors Struggle To Treat Ebola Patients In Liberian Border Town

Much of the attention on the Ebola outbreak has focused on the capital Monrovia, but the situation in the far north, near the border with Guinea, is also causing alarm.

Ebola Supply Shipments Delayed By Transportation Issues

Getting the experts and materiel into West Africa is difficult as many airlines have canceled flights to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Shipping lines are refusing to dock at the countrys' ports.

Russia Reports Troop Deaths In Ukraine, But Calls Them 'Volunteers'

Ukraine and the West insist that the Russian army has been fighting in eastern Ukraine, a charge Russia denies. But reports from Russia now acknowledge that Russian soldiers are part of the battle.