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Britain Debates Revoking Passports Of Fighters Returning From Syria, Iraq

The U.S. has tried to block potential Islamic State volunteers before they leave the country, arresting them for intending to help terrorists. The British have suggested taking another route.

Egypt's Conservative Society Further Burdens Poor Working Women

Egypt's economy is faltering and prices are skyrocketing as people struggle to put food on the table. Up to 30 percent of homes have female breadwinners, and they are the most vulnerable economically.

U.S. Doctor Witnesses Unfolding Ebola Epidemic At Liberian Hospital

Joshua Mugele is an American emergency room doctor who was working in Liberia when that hospitals' first Ebola patient showed up. The hospital was ill prepared for handling an Ebola patient.

Vatican Report Conciliatory Toward Gays, Unmarried Couples

An assembly of Roman Catholic bishops calls for the church to welcome gays, unmarried couples and those who have divorced. Steve Inskeep talks to Joshua McElwee of the National Catholic Reporter.

Police In Hong Kong Clear More Barricades From Protest Areas

Traffic has begun flowing freely through some major arteries after police cleared barriers set up by pro-democracy protesters. For more than 2 weeks, demonstrators have blocked key business districts.

China's Nomads Have A Foot In Two Very Different Worlds

China is attempting to move nomads into permanent settlements, but the transition for many has proven difficult. After apartment living, one family plans to go back to herding.

Makeshift Barriers Highlight Unions, Divisions Over Hong Kong Protests

More people are choosing sides on the streets where pro-democracy protesters have erected barriers. As police and some citizens tried to remove the barriers, others stepped in to save the structures.

For Italy's Gay Rights Advocates, It's 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Italy lags behind other EU states in guaranteeing equal rights for homosexuals. Gay couples have no legal recognition or adoption rights, and a bill that would make homophobia a crime has stalled.

Islamic State Fighters Gain New Ground In Iraq's Anbar Province

Airstrikes by the U.S. and its allies continued in Iraq on Monday, aimed at pushing back fighters from the so-called Islamic State.

Battlefronts In Kobani Don't Break Cleanly Along Ethic Or Sectarian Lines

Turkey has declined to intervene in the fighting, in part because the defenders are largely Kurdish. There are also Sunni Muslims joining the Kurds to fight ISIS.