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Diplomatic Shift? Russia Acknowledges Assad May Be On Way Out

For the first time, a top Russian diplomat has said that the Syrian president may be toppled. Coming from a country that has been among Assad's strongest supporters, the words are significant, analysts say.

Constitution Vote Won't End Egypt's Crisis

Issandr El Amrani, who runs "The Arabist" blog, talks to Renee Montagne about the latest twists and turns in Egypt's constitutional struggle.

Egypt's Constitution Would Elevate Sharia Law

Critics say Egypt's draft constitution which was drawn up and approved by Islamists doesn't represent all Egyptians. They say the draft gives key Islamic scholars too much power on a broad range of legislative issues, but it's still unclear what that would mean in practice.

Don't Pass The Dutchie: Amsterdam Bans Pot From Schools, Playgrounds

Technically, smoking marijuana was never allowed in or around schools, but there was no official way to fully implement the policy – until now. Starting Jan. 1, schools and playgrounds will be deemed "no toking zones" and those who disobey the new ruling face being fined by the police.

'Complex And Difficult Days' Without Chavez, Venezuelan Vice President Warns

The Venezuelan president is recovering in Cuba after an operation on Tuesday targeted an aggressive cancer. It was his fourth cancer-related surgery in Cuba, and comes after he won re-election last month.

South Koreans Wary After Rocket Launch From North

North Korea's launch of a three-stage missile and its success in placing a satellite into space is a propaganda coup for the country's new leader, Kim Jong Un. But the launch is also significant because of its impact on relations between the North and South Korea, which holds a general election next week. Robert Siegel talks to Anthony Kuhn.