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Who Is Chen Guangcheng?

After 19 months of house arrest in his rural village, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is believed to be under U.S. diplomatic protection in Beijing. According to supporters, the blind activist escaped last week under the cover of night and made his way 300 miles to China's capital city. Robert Siegel speaks with Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, about the issues that have driven Guangcheng's activism.

In Israel, A Rift On How To Deal With Iran

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said repeatedly that time is running out for Israel to act against Iran and its nuclear program. But several prominent Israelis, including former security officials, say that the prime minister has overplayed the threat posed by Iran.

Peace, Justice Elude Rape Victims Of Bosnian War

The courageous testimony of women who suffered sexual violence during the Bosnian War led to rape being recognized as a war crime under international law. But 20 years since the start of that war, thousands of Bosnian women continue to suffer the effects of rape while their attackers remain free.

What's At Stake In Sudanese Border Battle

Sudan and South Sudan have been engaged in a weeks-long armed conflict along their border. The conflict is largely over the disputed region of Abyei and access to oil reserves. It raises concerns among international peacekeeping organizations over whether the conflict will escalate to all-out war.