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Navy SEALs Rescue Kidnapping Victims In Somalia

More than two dozen commandoes from the Navy's SEAL Team 6 swept into an encampment in northern Somalia Tuesday, rescuing American Jessica Buchanan and her Danish colleague some three months after they were taken hostage. The two were in the country as aid workers. The SEALs killed nine of the captors and apprehended three others. NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman tells Robert Siegel the latest.

Egypt Marks Anniversary Of Revolution

Egyptians commemorate the first anniversary of the uprising against the Hosni Mubarak regime. Demonstrators are in Cairo's Tahrir Square, even though opinion polls suggest the overwhelming majority of Egyptians are firmly against further protests.

Europe Lacks Structures To Make Euro Work Properly, Merkel Says

But, Merkel added, "we are determined" to make the common currency and related institutions work. She didn't elaborate on how that will happen.

U.S. Raid Frees American, Dane Held In Somalia

U.S. military forces flew into Somalia on a nighttime helicopter raid and freed two Western hostages, an American and a Dane. President Obama had personally authorized the mission to retrieve the aid workers.

Felicity Aston Skied Antarctica Solo In 59 Days

British adventurer Felicity Aston this week became the first woman to ski solo across Antarctica, from one coast to another. It took her 59 days to cover more than 1,000 miles, dragging her supplies behind her on sleds. She talked to Steve Inskeep from the Union Glacier base camp in Antarctica while waiting to go home.