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Is Foreign Aid Harming Africa?

Journalist Andrew Mwenda says that industry, not aid, is what drives Africa's growing economies. TED's Emeka Okafor re-joins the conversation to help debunk the myth of foreign aid.

How Can Education Improve African Leadership?

Patrick Awuah left a career at Microsoft to chase a dream: to found a liberal arts college in his native Ghana. He believes that better education will foster better leaders in Africa.

Can We Build A Better Understanding Of Africa?

TED team member Emeka Okafor guides us through three TEDTalks on some evolving views (and misconceptions) of the African continent — from outside and in.

A Baby Step Toward A United States Of Europe

If the euro is to survive, the eurozone needs to be more like one country, and less like a bunch of different countries that happen to sit on the same continent.

Syrian Opposition Says 190 Civilians Killed In Deadliest Day So Far

Thousands have been killed in Syria since March 2011. But the past 24 hours have been especially deadly, anti-Assad activists say.

Europe's New Deal Has Markets Cheering

At a summit in Brussels, leaders agreed to steps that were more bold than expected. A key part of the plan: Loans from a bailout fund will go directly to troubled banks in Spain. So the Spanish government won't pile up more debt.