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The Latest: Both Sides 'Ready To Escalate' As Israel And Hamas Fire Away

More rockets were fired at Israel from Hamas-controlled territory. Sirens are blaring in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Israel has aimed airstrikes at more targets in Gaza. And Egypt's prime minister, on a visit to Gaza, said his country would "spare no effort ... to stop the aggression."

Sips And Dips: Spa Celebrates Beaujolais Noveau

A Japanese spa resort has made quite a splash with a pool spiked with Beaujolais Nouveau — the first vintage of the season from the famous French wine region. The fresh and fruity drink is released the third Thursday of November. The spa near Mt. Fuji celebrated with wine in glasses as well.

Price Hikes Lead To Deadly Protests In Jordan

Jordan's monarchy has largely dodged the waves of unrest that began with the Arab Spring. But this week, angry protestors flooded the streets after the king announced gas hikes to cover deficits caused by declining aid from Persian Gulf states. For the first time, there are cries to oust the king.

Israel's South Braces For Missile Attacks

Residents across Israel's south tensely awaited the next round of hostilities Friday morning, as fighting between Israel and Gaza entered its third day. Thursday night, sirens warning of an impending rocket attack sounded in Tel Aviv for the first time in two decades.

Egypt Tries To Broker Ceasefire In Gaza Strip

When Egypt's prime minister visits the Gaza Strip, he's expected to express solidarity with the Palestinians. The area, controlled by Hamas, has been the source of rocket fire against Israel. Israeli officials have responded with airstrikes.

Petraeus Testifies At Closed Congressional Hearings

The subject of the hearings on Capitol Hill is the CIA's role in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Friday's hearings are former CIA Director David Petraeus' first public appearances since he resigned over a sex scandal.

Eurozone Slips Back Into Recession

Eurostat, the European Union's statistical agency, said Thursday that the bloc contracted 0.1 percent in the third quarter; it shrank 0.2 percent in the second quarter. The eurozone was last in recession in 2009.

Pregnant Woman's Death Sparks Abortion Debate In Ireland

The 31-year-old Indian dentist was denied an abortion last month when she began to miscarry her 17-week-old fetus. She died three days later. The case is prompting the predominantly Catholic country to examine the conditions under which abortions can be permitted.