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Australia Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Obama's Visit

Australia is the latest stop on President Obama's tour of the Pacific Rim countries that the president thinks should be the new focus of U.S. foreign policy. It is already the focus of a competition for influence with China.

In Indonesia, Anger Against Mining Giant Grows

Workers at the world's largest gold mine, located in Indonesia's remote Papua province, have gone on strike for higher pay; several people have died in clashes with police. Critics say the mine's owner, American mining conglomerate Freeport-McMoRan, operates with impunity because of powerful friends.

For Arab Nations In Transition, U.S. Emphasizes Trade

With limited budget resources, the U.S. is focusing on trade and debt relief in an effort to encourage democratic and economic reforms in North Africa and the Middle East. It's also a way to tackle youth unemployment, one of the main problems that sparked the Arab uprisings.

Egyptian Groups Plan Mass Anti-Military Protests

Many Egyptians are outraged over military rulers' plans to change the constitution to protect the armed forces from civilian oversight and give themselves the final say on key policies. It's the latest clash between pro-democracy factions and the ruling military council, which is accused of clinging to power despite vowing to cede control.