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North Korea Launches Long-Range Rocket

The launch, which defies warnings from both the U.N. and the U.S., comes just days before the presidential election in South Korea. There was no immediate word if Wednesday's launch was successful. A previous attempt in April failed.

Obama Recognizes Rebels As 'Legitimate Representative' Of Syrian People

The announcement, which was made on ABC, grants new legitimacy to the rebel coalition and marks a new phase in U.S. efforts against the Assad regime. Britain, France, Turkey and several Gulf Arab nations have already recognized the coalition as effectively being a government in exile.

New Draft Constitution Divides Egyptians

Robert Siegel speaks with Dr. Abdul Mawgoud Rageh Dardery, a spokesperson for the Foreign Relations Committee of the Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party, which is the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm. They discuss Egypt's current political crisis.

Venezuela's Chavez Headed For More Cancer Surgery

Battling cancer, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has for the first time named a successor — his vice president. The charismatic, socialist leader with aspirations of regional leadership is in Cuba undergoing a fourth round of surgery. Vice President Nicholas Maduro is a former bus driver who rose through the ranks of his union to national prominence. In an emotional speech, Chavez appealed to his countrymen to elect Maduro to the highest office when Chavez can no longer govern. Audie Cornish talks to Juan Forero.