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Syrian Opposition Gets Donations From Allies

The United States and its Arab allies pledged millions of dollars in aid to the Syrian opposition over the weekend. So far, there is no agreement on arming the rebel free Syrian army, or creating safe corridors within Syria.

Producers Blame EU Regs For Egg Shortage

With the Easter holiday right around the corner, Europe is facing an egg shortage. The egg industry blames the shortage on new European Union rules for chicken welfare.

Some Argentines Demand Return Of Falkland Islands

Thirty years ago Monday, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, leading to a short but bloody war with Britain. Argentina lost, and the islands in the frigid South Atlantic stayed under British control. Argentina still claims the islands, however, and is pressuring Britain like never before into one day releasing them.

Unease Grows Over Islamist Political Agenda In Egypt

Islamist leaders in Egypt say they want the country to remain a secular state. But recent actions by Islamist lawmakers suggest otherwise. They've proposed laws to take away women's rights and to ban foreign-language instruction in schools.

Mali Rebellion Fighting On Two Fronts

There's a separatist rebellion raging in the desert north of Mali, and the junta leaders, who seized power last week, have the double task of grappling with the insurgency while fending off global condemnation of their coup. From the capital, Bamako, NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports this includes the threat of crippling sanctions by Mali's West African neighbors.

Coalition Moves To Fund Rebels In Syria

An international coalition supporting the Syrian opposition announced new aid today, including a multimillion dollar fund for opposition fighters. The support for the opposition comes just as Damascus rejected a call to withdraw its troops and begin a cease-fire. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports from Istanbul.