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U.S. Security Company Tracks Hacking To Chinese Army Unit

Cyberattacks on dozens of American companies appear to have originated in an area of Shanghai that houses a Chinese military unit, according to a report out Tuesday from the U.S. cybersecurity company Mandiant, which says the group behind the attacks is the most prolific it's ever found.

Islamists Failed To Quiet Mali's Music

The African nation of Mali has long claimed it gave birth to the blues. Renee Montagne reports that the country's musical tradition was threatened this past year when Islamist militants took over the deserts of northern Mali and banned music.

Italy's Berlusconi Returns From Political Graveyard

As the Italian elections near, disgraced former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his coalition have surged to second place. Many are curious as to how he was able to resurrect himself.

Kenya's Graffiti Train Seeks To Promote A Peaceful Election

Kenya's last election in 2007 was followed by widespread violence. A railway that was hard-hit gives artists permission to spray-paint a "peace train" in advance of the ballot on March 4.