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Egypt Expert: 'Pharoah' Concerns 'Understandable'

In Egypt, protests continue in reaction to President Mohammed Morsi's decree giving himself unchecked powers, even though Morsi has said the scope of those powers is limited. Questions remain over whether Morsi's powers are actually limited and whether he'll cede them if the country gets a new constitution, as he has promised. Renee Montagne talks with Tarek Masoud from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for insight into the political crisis in Egypt.

Opposition Protest In Cairo A Rare Show Of Unity

Protesters thronged to Tahrir Square on Tuesday night to protest the Egyptian president's recent decision to give himself and a committee drafting a new constitution unchecked power. It was the largest crowd at a demonstration in Egypt since Mohammed Morsi became president last summer and displayed a rare unity of the secular opposition in Egypt.

Damascus Struck By Deadly Car Bombs

Renee Montagne and David Greene report on bombs in the Syrian capital that hospital officials say have killed 34 people.

Will China's First Lady Outshine Her Husband?

She is a wildly popular singer, AIDS activist and major general in the Chinese army. Now, Peng Liyuan is slated to add another title: first lady of China. Peng's husband, Xi Jinping, is expected to become the country's president next year. Military garb has replaced her fabulous costumes as China's image-makers ensure she doesn't overshadow Xi.

Afghan Women Make Their Mark On The Soccer Field

The women's soccer team in Afghanistan isn't an international powerhouse. But their mere existence is a triumph and points to the growing number of Afghan women playing sports. And they're getting a little help from an American soccer star.

In Russia, Pro-Putin Youths Protest Mormons As 'Cult'

Russia's Young Guard has demonstrated outside Mormon meeting halls in Moscow. Members claim the Mormon church is a totalitarian cult that believes in multiple gods and has ties to the CIA and FBI.