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Greek Bond Swap A Temporary Fix

Greece's creditors agreed to take cents on the euro in the biggest debt swap in history.

For Kids In Japan, Adjusting To A Changed World

A year after the earthquake and tsunami that killed almost 20,000 people in northeast Japan, schoolchildren are moving on, but have not forgotten. The students and their teachers talk about the effect the quake and its aftermath has had on them.

U.S., Afghan Officials Sign Prison Agreement

U.S. and Afghan negotiators appear to have cleared one major obstacle to a Status of Forces agreement that would govern the U.S. military presence in the country after NATO's drawdown in 2014. Friday's agreement resolves a dispute over control of Parwan prison where many Taliban suspects are detained.

How Teenagers Learned To Hate Joseph Kony

The social media campaign by Invisible Children has drawn some 60 million viewers, many of them teenagers, to a video about a mass murderer in Africa. It will be closely studied by other nonprofit groups hoping to gain attention for their cause. Lesson one: It took years to lay the groundwork.

U.S., Afghan Forces Try To Rebuild Trust

More than 70 members of the NATO coalition have been killed by men in Afghan police or army uniforms in the last five years. After several recent attacks, new measures are being put in place.

Greece Takes Critical Step Toward Avoiding Bankruptcy

Most of its creditors have agreed to swap their bonds for others worth much less — a move that was needed before Greece could get a much-needed $172 billion bailout.

Pace Of Iran's Nuclear Program Is 'Overestimated'

Iranians have agreed to meet with Western officials to discuss their nuclear program, amid increasing Western concern about its purpose. Steve Inskeep talks to Paul Pillar about his article in The Washington Monthly entitled "We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran." Pillar teaches in the security studies program at Georgetown University.