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Drinking Takes Center Stage As London Prepares For Olympic Spotlight

Britain has a drinking problem. And it's not just a question of alcoholism, but how the country should grapple with what some call an ingrained tradition, and others call a $4.24 billion nightmare. That's how much the National Health Service says it pays each year in alcohol-related incidents.

American-Born 'Linderella' Is The Pride Of China

Basketball fans in China are rooting for Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks' star point guard, as one of their own. But Lin, whose parents are originally from Taiwan, was born and bred in the U.S. — unlike the Chinese NBA star Yao Ming, with whom he is often compared.

China's V.P. Strengthens Ties In Muscatine, Iowa

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, the heir apparent to the presidency, visited Muscatine, Iowa Wednesday. He spent a week with a family there in 1979 to learn about American agriculture. Des Moines Register reporter Kyle Munson discusses the relationships foreign leaders form with U.S. towns.

The Growing Conflict Over Iran's Nuclear Program

Israel blames Iran for attacks in the capital cities of India, Georgia and Thailand, further escalating Israeli-Iranian tensions. Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl believes that Iranian leaders are exhibiting signs of desperation.

Snapping Sea Lion Takes Aim At Shakira

On a South African beach, the singer saw sea lions on rocks and in shallow water. As she later wrote on Facebook, "I thought to myself how cute they were so I decided to get a bit closer than all of the other tourists." Then one of the sea lions moved within a foot of her, roared and tried to bite.

Warm Canadian Winter Thaws Outdoor Fun

The frigid temperatures of Winnipeg, Canada, are legendary. So much so it's called Winterpeg. But this winter is one of the warmest in a century. Which has forced an annual festival that includes a snow-sculpting competition to truck in snow.