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Egypt To Try 19 Americans In NGO Dispute

Nineteen Americans face criminal charges in Egypt over their work for U.S. non-profit organizations. The charges are part of an escalating stand-off between Egyptian officials and the U.S. Washington sends some $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt, and U.S. lawmakers say that's in jeopardy now.

Syrian Troops Strike Neighborhoods In Homs

Syria's government continued hammering protesters over the weekend. According to Syrian activists, the assault on the city of Homs included artillery that struck a makeshift medical clinic. The latest fighting came during the same weekend the United Nations failed to condemn Syria. Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution calling for Syrian President Bashar Assad to give up power.

Sarkozy Sews Up Seamstress' Unemployment Fix

For most of the 20th century, high-end lingerie maker Lejaby has done well. But in 2010 it closed three factories. And now it is shuttering its last, the only place where French lingerie is still made in France. Until President Nicolas Sarkozky stepped in, 93 seamstresses were going to be unemployed.

Egypt To Try 19 Americans Over NGO Funding

A lawyer for several of the organizations under investigation said the activists also include 2 Germans, 5 Serbs, 3 Arabs and 14 Egyptians. They have been referred to trial on charges they illegally provided foreign funding to non-governmental organizations. Among those being investigated is the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Russia's Hottest Protest Song, Courtesy Of The Military Elite

An Internet hit is becoming the anthem for Russian protesters as they march against Vladimir Putin's rule. The musicians in the video aren't rock stars; they're veterans of the Russian army.

Syria Veto 'Outrageous' Says U.N. Envoy Susan Rice

Russia and China blocked a U.N. Security Council resolution on Saturday that would have condemned the Syrian government for attacks against civilians. "What it means," Rice says, "is that many more Syrians, innocent Syrians, are going to be killed by their government."