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Rubles For Minutes, Not Mochas, At Russian Cafe Chain

At most cafes, a customer buys a drink or food and stays as long as it takes to consume it. But a Russian entrepreneur is experimenting with ways to change that: At his Clockface Cafes, money buys time, and everything else — from drinks to snacks to art supplies and event space — is free.

Clinics Come To The Rescue Of Ethiopia's Overworked Donkeys

In Ethiopia, there's a saying in rural areas: "A man without a donkey is a donkey." Donkeys are both a livelihood and a lifesaver for farmers, and when they fall sick, there are special donkey hospitals to treat them.

Group In China Rescues Bears From 'Bile Farm' Abuses

In China, the animal welfare group Animal Asia took custody of six bears today, after the Sichuan Forestry Department removed the animals from bear bile farms. The two agencies teamed up to rescue the bears, which are kept in strict captivity in order to harvest their bile, an ingredient used in traditional medicine.

With Chavez Ill, Loyalists And Government Battle Over Inauguration Date

Hugo Chavez will not appear on Thursday to be sworn in for his fourth term as president. Chavez is undergoing treatment for cancer in Cuba and the government says his inauguration will be postponed. The opposition says the government is running roughshod over the constitution.

Iranian Government May Be Behind Recent Cyber Attacks

Over the last several months, U.S. banks have been subjected to a series of cyber attacks apparently aimed at disrupting normal operations. A volunteer cyber militia group has taken credit for the attacks, saying they are to protest the anti-Islam video that has angered the Muslim world. But U.S. officials and cybersecurity experts are increasingly convinced the government of Iran is behind the attacks. Tom Gjelten talks to Melissa Block.

Canada's Indigenous People Rally For Rights Around 'Idle No More' Initiative

An indigenous protest movement is shaking Canadian politics. Idle No More is against a bill that native people say threatens their treaty rights. One chief is almost a month into a hunger strike.