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Americans Detained In Egypt Now Allowed To Leave

American democracy workers are headed home from Egypt, where they had been under a travel ban.

Race For Hong Kong's Next Leader Heats Up

Later this month, an election will be held to select Hong Kong's next chief executive. The race has been tarnished with accusations of extramarital affairs and conflicts of interest. As the local press put it: Beijing has lost control of the puppet strings.

Final Day For Greeks To Swap Drachmas For Euros

Beginning Friday, the Bank of Greece will stop exchanging drachma notes for euros. The deadline comes at an uncertain time for Greeks, who worry that their country's debt crisis could eventually force it out of the eurozone.

Syrian Troops Continue Crushing Offensive In Homs

Syrian ground troops in the central city of Homs have moved into the rebel-held district of Baba Amr. The military has launched what appears to be a final push to finish off the anti-government stronghold.

In Mock Village, A New Afghan Mission Takes Shape

U.S. forces intend to stay in Afghanistan through 2014. But they are preparing to launch a new approach that would put Afghan troops in the lead when it comes to fighting the Taliban. These American advisers are currently being trained at an Army base in Louisiana.

For India's Undocumented Citizens, An ID At Last

Hundreds of millions of poor Indians have never had proper identification documents, which makes it difficult to do many things in a rapidly modernizing country. A high-tech government project is starting to fix that.