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In Greece, The Election May Have Been The Easy Part

The pro-bailout New Democracy party squeaked through in parliamentary elections. But now it must find partners to form a coalition, and the new government will have to deal with a polarized society and with widespread anger over tough austerity measures.

Investors Breathe Sigh Of Relief After Greek Voting

Markets in Asia and Europe initially responded positively to the results of the Greek election. Of greatest concern, is another rise in Spanish interest rates to another euro-era record.

G-20 Summit In Mexico To Focus On Euro Crisis

President Obama and other world leaders are gathering in Los Cabos, Mexico, on Monday. They're hoping to get some assurances that European governments are getting control of their financial problems before they become a further drag on the global economy

And Now For The Lighter Side Of Egypt's Revolution

An online news website, El Koshary Today, is sort of the Egyptian equivalent of The Onion. It's taking advantage of the country's freer atmosphere and isn't afraid to mock the absurdities of politics.