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Police Wait For Thief To Release His Loot

Police say Richard Matthews stole a $20,000 diamond in Windsor, Ontario. He apparently swapped it for a fake gem and ate the real one. But police caught him. Feeding him high-fiber food, they've been waiting a week for the gem to emerge.

Is Now The Time To Vacation In Greece?

The Greek economy depends heavily on tourism. The crisis seems to be scaring away visitors, which would deal the economy another blow. But could the crisis create a bargain for travelers who would simultaneously be giving the Greek economy a boost?

NATO Summit To Reaffirm Afghan Commitment

The NATO summit in Chicago is meant to showcase a unified, long-term commitment to Afghanistan after the 2014 troop drawdown. The U.S. already signed a strategic security pact with Afghanistan, pledging support for the country until 2024. The Obama administration is looking for other nations to commit as well during the summit.

France's Unmarried First Lady Comes To America

Newly elected French President Francois Hollande is meeting with President Obama at the White House and bringing along his companion, Valerie Trierweiler. The idea of a ringless first lady may have raised some eyebrows, but a friend of Trierweiler's says she's someone the average French woman can identify with.

Previewing New Series On Mineral-Rich Mongolia

Next week on Morning Edition, NPR's Frank Langfitt will have a four-part series on Mongolia. Extracting Mongolia's vast mineral resources may imperil its traditional way of life.

U.S. Serves Up New Food Security Effort In Africa

As President Obama hosts leaders of the Group of Eight, he's announcing a major initiative to boost investments in rural Africa. The program aims to lift millions out of poverty and will include several billion dollars in investments from private companies.