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In Latin America, Obama Stresses Partnership

President Obama traveled to Central America this weekend, to Mexico and then to Costa Rica, where he met with other leaders from the region. Host Rachel Martin speaks with Eric Olson of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, who attended the meeting.

How Different Cultures Handle Personal Space

How we navigate one another's space is an important and nuanced part of communicating. Two authors observe how this dynamic plays out in Cairo and Sao Paulo.

Violence, Hardship Fuels Central American Immigration To U.S.

While Mexican immigration to the U.S. has slowed in recent years, the number of Central Americans heading north has been on the rise. Last year, the number of illegal border-crossers caught from countries other than Mexico hit nearly 100,000 — more than double the year before.

Foreigners At Home: Turkey Beckons To Germany's Turks

After years of being treated as second-class citizens in Europe's economic powerhouse, large numbers of Turks — descendants of the first wave of immigrants — are returning to Turkey. Prospects in their homeland are looking up, while times are harder in Germany.