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Morning-After Analysis Of The Final Presidential Debate

Morning-after analysis of the final debate in the presidential race. President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney on foreign policy.


Extreme Animal Portraits: Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Winners

The competition celebrates the inner soul and beauty of animals from around the world.

Lebanese Security Official May Have Been Target Of Deadly Bombing

At least eight people are dead and 78 are wounded, state news media report, while victims scramble to get out of the debris. The attack, possibly a car bomb, happened on a street where a group that opposes Syrian President Bashar Assad has offices.

Suspect In Libya Attack Denies Involvement, Is Living In Open

Ahmed Abu Khattala, leader of the Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sharia, says he hasn't been questioned about the attack that left the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans dead. But witnesses have put him at the scene.

Air Canada Passengers Spot Missing Yacht

At the request of air traffic control, an Air Canada jumbo jet dropped down low over the ocean, and the captain instructed passengers to look out their windows in search of a yacht gone adrift. After 16 hours lost at sea, the sailor was rescued.

Malala Stands For First Time Since Being Shot By Taliban, Doctors Say

The 15-year-old Pakistani girl who spoke out against the Taliban and was shot in the head by one of its gunman for her bravery, is "comfortable and stable," say doctors at the U.K. hospital where she's being treated.

Starbucks Says It Complies With U.K. Tax Laws

In Britain, eyebrows have been raised over the revelation this week that Starbucks has paid almost no corporate tax on its U.K. operations. For its part, the Seattle-based company insists it's done nothing wrong.

In Syrian Conflict, Hezbollah Rears Its Head

The Lebanese militant organization is entering the conflict on the side of the Syrian government. Its role is apparent in one rebel-held village on the Syrian-Lebanese border.