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Israel Wary Of Egypt's Calls To Alter Peace Treaty

Israel is welcoming Egypt's military efforts to stamp out Islamist militants in the Sinai following a deadly border attack. But calls in Egypt to modify the military provisions of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty — to strengthen its security in the Sinai — has led to concern in Israel.

Chinese Court Hears Murder Case In One Day

The case involves a famous political family and has rocked the Communist Party establishment. A verdict will be announced later against Gu Kailai who is accused of murdering a British businessman.

Olympic Bodies: They Just Don't Make Them Like They Used To

We've put together an infographic that explores how athletes' bodies have changed over the last century. Those physiques are shaped by years of training — and by the laws of physics.

The Building That's In Two Countries At Once

Inside a European office building, a metal line divides Germany and the Netherlands — and reveals the limits of the European dream.

INFOGRAPHIC: Olympic Physics

Explore the physical laws that shape elite athletes, past and present.