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China Sacks Outspoken Politician As Rumors Swirl

Recent scandals have apparently cost Bo Xilai his job as Communist Party chief in the southwestern city of Chongqing. Bo had once seemed headed straight for China's top leadership body, but corruption allegations and an imbroglio involving his former right-hand man helped drive him from power.

China's Giant Pool Of Dollars

China's foreign-exchange reserves are worth over $3 trillion. That's a problem for China, and for the U.S.

In France, Politicians Make Halal Meat A Campaign Issue

France may be in the middle of an economic crisis, but politicians seem more interested in talking about halal meat and religious dietary rules. It all began when National Front Party presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said that non-Muslims in Paris were unwittingly eating halal meat.

Iranians Feel The Bite Of Tougher Sanctions

New, tougher sanctions on Iran and its banking sector appear to be making it difficult for Tehran to carry out international transactions, while forcing ordinary Iranians into activities such as smuggling hard currency out. But India and China are still doing business with Iran.

Fish And Spices Top List of Imported Foods That Make Us Sick

Outbreaks caused by imported foods are up — and so is the amount of imported food that Americans eat. Fish and spices are the biggest culprits. That's according to new data from the CDC.

Thousands Of Workers Strike In South Africa

In South Africa, there's a growing rivalry between the powerful Congress of South African Trade Unions, or COSATU, and the ruling African National Congress. COSATU has long been a supporter, but it's tired of the Congress failing to deliver on promises for nearly 20 years.