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U.S. Election Puts U.S.-Russia Ties In Spotlight

President Obama tried to "reset" U.S.-Russia relations, without much success. Republican nominee Mitt Romney says Russia is America's "No. 1 geopolitical foe." Many Russians think the relationship between the two countries will be rockier over the next four years.

Rumors Abound Over 'Missing' Chinese Leader

China's vice president hasn't been seen for a week and a half. That's fueling speculation among some people in China about Xi Jinping and his health and whereabouts. He has canceled meetings with Hillary Clinton and Denmark's prime minister. For more, Renee Montagne speaks with Rob Gifford, the China editor at The Economist magazine.

U.S. Ambassador Killed In Attack In Libya

The U.S. State Department says its ambassador in Libya, Chris Stevens, was killed in an attack on a diplomatic facility in Benghazi.

German Court Rules In Favor Of EU Bailout Fund

Germany's high court on Wednesday rejected calls to block Europe's permanent bailout fund. The Netherlands is also having elections, and unhappiness over the bailout is likely to be a factor in the results. Also, the European Commission released its plan for a banking union. It's quite a big undertaking to try to bring all of Europe's financial institutions under a single regulatory umbrella.