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Turkey Pushes Syrians Into Limbo Across Border

Every war has its border town that becomes a haven for refugees, rogues, aid workers and reporters. In the Syrian conflict that town had been Antakya, Turkey. But Turkish authorities are beginning to force Syrians back across the border into a once-sleepy town now controlled by rebels.

Missing U.S. Journalist Surfaces In A Video That Raises Questions

Freelance journalist Austin Tice has been missing since mid-August in Syria. The U.S. government believes he is being held by the Syrian government.

Cambodian Court Case Stokes Fear Of Crackdown

A Cambodian court has convicted a pro-democracy journalist on charges of inciting a tiny village to secede from the rest of the country. Critics say the case is part of wider efforts by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to stifle dissent, and is a sign that the country's democracy is regressing.

No More 'Lying': Law Bolsters Transgender Argentines

Argentina recently passed a law that recognizes the right of transgender citizens to change the name and sex written on their ID cards and other documents, with no medical or legal procedures. Other countries have similar measures, but Argentina's law sets a new standard for making the process easy.

Supreme Court Weighs Major Human-Rights Case

At issue is whether a group of Nigerians granted political asylum in the U.S. can use the Alien Tort Statute to sue Anglo-Dutch energy company Shell for its alleged practices in Nigeria. The justices sharply questioned both the plaintiffs' attorney as well as Shell's lawyer.