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Protestors In Egypt Denounce President's 'Power Grab'

Huge crowds thronged Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square on Tuesday voicing their opposition to what they see as a power grab by President Mohamed Morsi. Robert Siegel talks to Leila Fadel.

Arafat's Body Exhumed In Poisoning Investigation

The Palestinian Authority (PA) dug up the body of its late President Yasser Arafat on Tuesday as part of an international investigation into whether he was poisoned. The investigation was launched this summer, eight years after Arafat's death, when a Swiss lab found traces of the radioactive element polonium on Arafat's personal effects. The exhumation comes at a sensitive time, as the PA is suffering from a legitimacy crisis and is being upstaged by its rival Hamas. The exhumation also distracts attention from the the group's bid to upgrade its status at the U.N.

Gaza Fishermen Still Wary As Fishing Zone Expanded

In Gaza, everyone's a politician. Even the weather-beaten men who make their living from the sea. On Tuesday, Abu Wassim — a 40-year-old fisherman — was happily loading two large sea bass into the back of his jeep. Just over six years ago, Wassim and his fellow Gaza fishermen were banned by the Israelis from fishing beyond three miles off shore. Israel has now extended their fishing zone to six miles as part of the ceasefire agreement. The fishermen say venturing into the expanded zone is hazardous, and that Israeli's have already fired warning shots at them.

Afghanistan's Love Of The Big Screen

Unless you've been to Afghanistan, your imagination probably conjures up a pretty bleak picture of what has been a war-torn country for decades. Photographer Jonathan Saruk hopes to change that.

Attention Chinese Media: Kim Jong Un Is 2012's Most Interesting Man

People's Daily Online gave big play to The Onion's declaration that Kim Jong Un is 2012's sexiest man. Can we convince the Chinese news media that he's even more than that?

Protests, Clashes Build Again In Cairo

President Mohammed Morsi's power grab has angered many Egyptians and led many of those who filled the streets during the Arab Spring to renew their protests. The clashes are expected to continue throughout the day.