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Most Chinese Unaware Of Chen Guangcheng Story

Two stories out of China — the escape of a blind dissident from house arrest and the corruption scandal involving a top politician and his family — have attracted international attention. But inside China, the picture is different. The government has successfully suppressed the story about the dissident, Chen Guangcheng, such that most Chinese have never even heard of him. The Communist Party has waged a smear campaign against the fallen official, Bo Xilai, whom citizens see as a loser in a power struggle, a corrupt politician or both.

Conflict Simmers Between Sundan, South Sudan

South Sudan is the country that voted to break away from Sudan. They've been jostling for control of border zones, including oil fields. And just as the two sides were sitting down to negotiate, fighting broke out.

In French Election, Candidates Chase Far-Right Votes

In the final days before the French presidential runoff, the hunt is on for voters who supported far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. She came in third place, with nearly a fifth of the electorate. Now, the two remaining mainstream candidates are doing their best to court them.