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Women Erased From IKEA's Saudi Catalog; Company Apologizes

Compare the U.S. and Saudi catalogs. All the same stuff is for sale. But you won't find women in one.

Report: U.S. Discussing 'Unilateral Strikes' On Terrorist Groups In Africa

As al-Qaida has fragmented, U.S. officials have turned their attention to loosely affiliated groups that present threats of their own. Officials tell The Washington Post that among the steps being considered are drone strikes aimed at terrorists based in North Africa.

Okinawans Protest Deployment Of U.S. Osprey

Opponents say the vertical takeoff Osprey has a poor safety record and poses a danger to inhabitants of the densely populated Japanese island. Its arrival has sparked protests and reignited Okinawans' long-simmering resentment of America's military presence there.

Uruguay's Drugs Policy: Regulating Market For Pot

The tiny South American nation is going where few nations have gone before: It has proposed a law that would put the state in charge of producing and selling marijuana. Officials say that if pot were legal, they could spend more time cracking down on hard drugs.