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In Response To Tragedy, Bangladesh May Alter Labor Laws

David Greene talks to Bloomberg reporter Mehul Srivastava, who has been covering last month's Dhaka factory building collapse, about recent labor improvement agreements that retailers and the government in Bangladesh have signed.

Plans Proceed For Another International Meeting On Syria

British Prime Minister David Cameron met with President Obama at the White House on Monday with Syria high on their agenda. Cameron came to Washington after talks in Russia with President Vladimir Putin that he described as "extremely positive and good."

France Proposes Technology Tax To Pay For Culture Content

The French government is weighing a proposal to tax Google, Apple and possibly other large technology firms to raise revenue for the arts and cultural programs. The government contends the new tax would be similar to taxes already imposed on TV users, broadcasters and Internet providers.

A Pricey In-Flight Bed Gives Netanyahu Political Nightmare

The Israeli prime minister is facing criticism for spending $127,000 of public money to outfit an El Al jet with a double bed plus a wall around it so he and his wife could rest well on a flight to London last month. The scrutiny comes as the government is considering cuts to defense and social programs.

As Stigma Eases, Single Motherhood In Mexico Is On The Rise

Single moms have faced a tough time in Mexico for generations. But as in the U.S., the number of households headed by a woman has been rising, and now accounts for a quarter of all families in Mexico.