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Hollande Ousts Sarkozy in French Vote

NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports on election day in France where voters chose their next president, Socialist Francois Holland. He defeated incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy in a runoff to become France's second socialist president since the end of World War II.

Austerity Loses As Greece's Fringe Parties Win Big

According to exit polls, angry Greek voters have overwhelmingly punished the two major parties that endorsed draconian international loan agreements. There is no front-runner in sight, but the fringe parties on the left and the right that strongly oppose the bailout terms have benefited the most.

How Swiss Guards And Sacred Geese Saved Rome

From Gauls to Goths to soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire, many outsiders have tried to destroy the Eternal City, with varying degrees of success. Rome has been defended repeatedly, by courageous fighters and once by a flock of geese. May 6 is the anniversary of of the last and most devastating sacking of Rome.

Greeks Cast Votes And Doubt On Bailout Deals

People are going to the polls on Sunday to cast their ballots in what has become a referendum on international loan agreements. The election is the most unpredictable in recent history and could produce a hung parliament. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli talks to host Rachel Martin from Athens.

France's Next President: Incumbent Or Socialist?

French voters go to the polls Sunday to choose between incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist contender Francois Hollande. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley tells host Rachel Martin what's at stake.

A Different Russia Meets Putin's Third Term

On Monday, Vladimir Putin will be re-inaugurated as president. Putin has put away the tough-guy image that worked well for him during his earlier eight years as president. That might be because his transition to a third term has been rocked by unexpectedly large and loud protests.