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North Korea Awaits Kim Jong Un's Opening Moves

The death of longtime leader Kim Jong Il puts his son and heir apparent in the spotlight, even as preparations for next week's state funeral are still under way. The younger Kim inherits a country in dire economic straits, and faces a tough fight to consolidate his political power and legitimacy.

Hundreds Killed In Bloody Month For Syrian Uprising

The fight between Syria's government and anti-government forces continues. Activists and groups that monitor the country say recently hundreds of people have been killed in the villages and towns near the Turkish border as the Syrian government mounts an offensive on anti-government forces.

Wave Of Deadly Explosions Hit Iraqi Capital

Multiple explosions in Baghdad killed dozens of people and injured scores more throughout the city. While previous bombings targeted check points or police, Thursday's victims appear to be mostly civilians. Some worry that the violence is a way to stoke sectarian tensions, which are already high.

U.S. And Pakistan Relations: From Bad To Worse

The U.S. is trying diplomatic damage control since American forces were involved in a border shooting that left two dozen Pakistani troops dead last month. But in a relationship that was already deeply troubled, Pakistani leaders do not want to be seen cooperating with the U.S.

Turbulence As EU Court OKs Fee On Plane Emissions

A European court ruled Wednesday that airlines flying into and out of European airports will have to pay a price for the carbon dioxide they emit when they burn jet fuel. U.S. carriers had been fighting the plan in court, arguing they've already done their part by becoming more fuel-efficient.

With Kim's Death, Defectors See Chance For Change

Defectors from North Korea now living in the South are celebrating the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. As the outside world tries to figure out how stable the country is, the defectors are focusing on trying to kickstart a revolution in North Korea.